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We offer high quality retired from breeding  Older Male German Shepherds to loving families.

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Older/Retired German Shepherd Trained Protection Males for Sale

Occasionally retired Schutzhund trained German Shepherd Males are available to Good Homes at reasonable prices from $5,000 and up. All have excellent temperament with very good protection for a family (including Children).
All prices are subject to change without notification

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V Echo vom Mittlewest IGP3, Kkl 1a
DOB:  January 15, 2016
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Father:   VA1 (USA Sieger 2012, 2013) Rocco vom Mittelwest IPO3, SchH3, Kkl 1a (VA1 Siegerin Maxi vom Mittelwest SchH3, Kkl 1a grandson). Mother:    SG Apple vom Mittelwest II IPO1, Kkl 1a (V Idol von der Zenteiche IPO3, Kkl 1a and SG Urma vom Mittelwest SchH1, Kkl 1a daughter).
V24 BSZS 2018 Jimmy vom St.-Michaels-Berg IPO3, Kkl 1a
DOB:  November 20, 2015
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Father: V31 BSZS2016 VA4 2016  Taifun vom St.-Michaels-Berg IPO3, Kkl 1a (VA Leo von der Zenteiche IPO3, Kkl 1a and V Jacky vom St.-Michaels-berg son; World Vize Sieger VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl 1a great-grandson) Mother:  V Menja vom St.-Michaels-Berg  IPO1, Kkl 1a (2X World Sieger VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SchH3, Kkl 1a granddaughter)
Reviews from Our Adoption Friends:

A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com> dated May 25, 2021
Subject: Nero "Bear Hunter"

Such a great dog -- at his post nothing will pass. Thanks! He is having a great time.
We have traveled the Midwest and he is great -- loves to travel no problems. Solid dog.
Thanks --
Art, Solo and Bear hunter NERO


Nero - Bear Hunter

A message from Felix Rodriguez <farrod63@hotmail.com> dated September 10, 2020
Subject: Exyt

Hi Bill,
This is Arturo Rodriguez, from McAllen, Exyt’s owner. Exyt is awesome, i’m very happy with him, he is always with me everywhere and very protective.


December 2019
Fernando von der Nadine, IPO3

Fernando and Jeff Manning at Fernando's new home with Patty in CO along with Fernando's 8 new family members. Congratulations to Jeff for his successful introductions.

Fernando Nadine retired in Colorado

"Fleischerheim" in Retirement
V Sultan IPO3 Father:  V1 Tyson vom Köttersbusch SchH3

V Ken SchH3 Father:    VA3 Dux de Cuatro Flores
V Nero IPO3 Father:  V1 Tyson vom Köttersbusch SchH3

In Retirement home in California
Private Van Home Delivery in 48 States

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Jim Fleischer
Bill Fleischer



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