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Sumit von der Planwarte


DOB:  March 17, 2019
Sumit von der Planwarte IGP3 - Trained Protection Male for sale at Fleischerheim German Shepherds

About Sumit:
Sumit is a very rare offering from Fleischerheim Shepherds. Formerly an Estate Protection Dog with a prominent European Executive and frequent traveler, Sumit has come to us due to his former owner’s failing health. Sumit is a true High Performance German Working Dog. He traveled extensively by Air with his former owner, providing Elite-level protection in every circumstance. On the Estate, he provided perimeter and home protection and offered a level of family companionship that is very rare amongst Working-line dogs.

A stunning Black Sable colored IGP3 male with impressive correct structure, solid working line pedigree and vivid personality to match, Sumit likes to be on the job. Very handler focused, Sumit has a high drive and is very capable of just about anything that is asked of him. Best suited to an active family, a ranch or workplace working situation, Sumit has lots of energy and wants something to do to please his owner. Loves to play fetch with a ball or stick to further entertain his owner when not protecting his responsibilities. He has very sound temperament for a family with older children.

Sumit von der Planwarte IGP3  - Trained Protection Male for sale at Fleischerheim German Shepherds Sumit von der Planwarte IGP3 - Trained Protection GSDs Imported from Germany Idaho Oregon Montana Washington

Askan Team Planwarte IPO1, Kkl 1a (Faelan von der Hagenmühle IPO3, Kkl 1a and Lea von der Planwarte IPO1, Kkl 1a son).


Ola von der Planwarte IPO1, Kkl 1a (V Malu vom Riemsloherwald SchH3, Kkl 1a and SG Kessi vom Riemsloherwald SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 1a daughter; V [Sieger 2006, Vice Sieger 2005] Karn vom Fegelhof SchH3, IPO3 granddaughter).

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