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Special Page Links From Fleischerheim's Many Years of Experience

Our 55 years of experience and expertise have allowed us to acquire vast knowledge in all aspects of German Shepherd puppy breeding, champion GSD importing, and guard and protection dog training. We have placed these links on this page for you to use as a "knowledge base" and an easy reference point.  This is another reason why Fleischerheim German Shepherds is your "Go-To" for any GSD breeding and pedigree information.

Welcome to Fleischerheim
Photo tour of Fleischerheim Kennel Facilities
Bill Fleischer Biography
How I became America's Leader in German Shepherd Import Breeders
German Shepherd Bloodlines
Our German Shepherd Dominant Bloodlines Chart
Fleischerheim Blog
A compilation of articles and writings about Fleischerheim GSDs
Urma Sieger Show Books
Annual German Shepherd Sieger Show with Photos, Pedigrees and Critiques
Schutzhund Training
Photo Presentation of Schutzhund and IPO Training Session
GSD Sheep Herding
Photo Presentation of German Shepherd Sheep Herding
Common Misspellings of Shepard
Common German Shepherd Misspellings including GERMAN SHEPARD and others.
German Terminology
This page explains the meaning of Training Certification Notations (ie: SchH3, IPO3) found on most GSD names and titles. There are also a list of common commands in the German language.
Cow Hocks
A letter from Harold J. Krug DVM explaining this condition
Fleischerheim Stud Force
Our Outstanding Male German Shepherd Studs
Fleischerheim Breeding Females
Our Beautiful Breeding German Shepherd Females
Canine Leishmaniasis Outbreak in the early 2000's
Breeding Requirements
The key to a large healthy litter is breeding at the right time via serum progesterone testing (not the “target” tests). A link to the printable pdf is available at the bottom of the page.
Breeding Requirements Printable PDF
A printable format version of our Breeding Requirements.
Our GSD Videos
This page is dedicated to Our Exclusive German Shepherd Videos, many of our Trained GSDs and Puppies For Sale.
Confirmation of Sale
Printable PDF of Confirmation of Sale (Form for download and print)
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