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References and Reviews of Fleischerheim

Please send us photos of your puppies and adult dogs so that we can share them with others. We love to see how they are doing.
Thank you.

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Below are References from Fleischerheim German Shepherd Puppy Customers

A message from Eugenio Cardenus<ecardenas@me.com> dated February 4, 2023
Subject: One Year Later

Bill, Evy,

Pamiro von Dacon (a.k.a. "Blue")... one year later!

See attached pics. It's been a delight!



A message from Mark Hagopian <chaosdog1@verizon.net> dated October 18, 2022
Subject: Noah

I just wanted to thank you as I have many times in the past for this beautiful dog. Noah is turning 10 Tomorrow and is doing great. A picture of him in my friends motorhome was just taking a couple days ago. You would never guess he was 10 years old.

A message from John Campbell <jccampbel@comcast.net> dated October 16, 2022
Subject: Larry and Jack

Yumbo x Neija

Hi Bill and Evy,

Just waned to check in and tell you what a great animal Larry is. Although we have had several more traditional looking GSD’s, including 2 others we got from you, we have never had so many people commenting on how striking Larry is.

He is high drive, good aggression but clearly reacts to us well. He is a wonderful example, and another perfect companion for us. He is maturing a little later, like GSD’s commonly do, but we have had him on a sleeve with excellent results.

BTW, our vet, an old country doctor used to working dogs, has been in love with first Jack and now Larry.

Jack (Hanno x Deja) is going strong. He shows the effect of aging, but still runs and plays with the younger dogs, follows me everywhere, even checks on me when I fell ill (How he knows that we have no clue).

Anyway, thank you for our splendid dogs.

Hope all is well there.

John Campbell

A message from Lisa Pierson <lisamtpierson@gmail.com> dated May 04, 2022
Subject: Kelsey (aka Yappy) Turns 2 Tomorrow

Hi Bill-
I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our beautiful Kelsey. She is two tomorrow and still has her puppy energy, is smart (tests the boundaries) and loving. She loves living in Washington and might be just a bit spoiled!! 😊 Thank you again for allowing us to have her become a part of our family Bill. Hope you and your family are all well. Keep breeding these beautiful and special dogs!!
Lisa and Gary Pierson


A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com> dated May 25, 2021
Subject: Nero "Bear Hunter"

Such a great dog -- at his post nothing will pass. Thanks! He is having a great time.
We have traveled the Midwest and he is great -- loves to travel no problems. Solid dog.
Thanks --
Art, Solo and Bear hunter NERO


A message from Beate Vesely <beate@bvesely.com>  dated August 9, 2020
Subject: Re: Finn & Fatina's puppy

Hi Bill,
Here is a photo of our puppy today. Her name is Lela and she just came back from a Long Beach walk.

Kind regards,


A message from Michelle McLain <michellemclain87@gmail.com>  dated August 9, 2020
Subject: We Lust Love This Puppy!

Hello Bill,
We just love this puppy! He is wonderful and has not had any trouble making himself at home! We have renamed him Axel instead of Prince.
Thank you again! He’s the perfect new family member!


A message from Ken Krefetz <tenkk@aol.com>  dated August 4, 2020
Subject: Remo vom Fiemerick SchH3

Hi Bill,

Hope your doing well and staying healthy in these trying times ......all is good with Remo and me.....he remains happy and healthy although we have both slowed down some. He is a great companion and friend and is almost constantly by my side , just happy to be with me ....we have travelled together a lot and he loves the adventure........can’t believe it’s been over 8 years and hoping for a few more.


A message from Lisa DenBeste <lisadenbeste@yahoo.com>  dated July 23, 2020
Subject: Re: Pup (Huck)

Huck got a clean bill of health. Vet commented on how confident he is already at such a young age. Thankfully him and Cooper are meshing together well.

A message from Kristen Bowers <keb8882@icloud.com>  dated July 20, 2020
Subject: Yandra

Hi Bill and Evy,

I just wanted to let you know Yandra arrived Saturday morning and my mom said walked right in her house and started pulling out toys. My mom said she has been adjusting great and is an awesome pup! She met my niece yesterday and was wonderful with her. I wanted to say thank you for your help and for getting her to us.

Thanks again!

A message from harckshelley <harckshelley@gmail.com>  dated July 19, 2020
Subject: Bob

Good Afternoon Bill,

Just wanted to let you know how special we think our boy is. He is super human focused so we have named him Shadow. He is so happy and already has learned his name.

Thank you for helping fulfill our retirement dream!

Bruce and Shelley Harck

A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com>  dated July 6, 2020
Subject: Happy 4th

Bill , not sure how you do it. I have had 3 of your dogs and everyone of the came into our pack as if they had been with us forever and all were sweet. Not one problem.

I took care of a young dog you sold as a puppy to a friend of mine and again so sweet and just fit in. The temperament of the dog that I have had is incredible.

Anyone thinking of buying one of your dog should not worry at all.

Take care

Art, Joan, solo and Nero.

A message from Adriana Sanguily <atsanguily03@gmail.com>  dated June 24, 2020
Subject:  KOA (Halvar-Dina female)Hi Bill,

I just wanted to give you an update on Koa. She is such a sweet and ridiculously smart dog and we’re in love with her. She’s completely house broken and learning her basic obedience very quickly. She loves to play with the boys but she’s still learning proper puppy manners. I can go on and on...she’s amazing!!

Thank you!

A message from healthy goals <kandiladi85@gmail.com>  dated June 11, 2020
Subject: Thank you

Dear Bill,
Thank you guys so much for our finale peice to our family puzzle. From the day we picked Milo up on August 9 2019 he instantly stole our hearts. I wanted to let you know he is one spoiled puppy and living the best life. From day one he has exceeded our expectations. From just a little 8lb 9week old puppy to today,June 11th, Milo 1st birthday. He was so easy to train, not only is he the best companion any family can ask for but he is a amazing service dog as well since I am a Dissable Veteran. I have included a collage of the special moments just to show you how much he means to us. Every where we go we get compliments on how beautiful Milo is, how well tempered he is, and i immediately send them to your website. Words can not express how thankful I am for this little 4 legged blessing. Thank you so much, we couldn't of been any happier.
C.Horner in OKC, OK

A message from Morgawna Souza <morgana.silva001@me.com>  dated June 4, 2020
Subject: Mia turns One

Hi Bill and Evy,
Since Mia turns one tomorrow, I wanted to share her birthday photos. Look how much she has grown, such a happy and healthy big girl.


A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com> dated May 30, 2020
Subject: Nero and Solo

Well, Nero has taken his job as protector very seriously, nothing crazy but always on -- alert to strangers.

This has impressed Solo and she is very happy to have Nero as her friend.


A message from Usman Javed <usmanmjaved@icloud.com> dated May 2, 2020

Subject: Re: Usman from New York

Thank you so much! He’s an absolute pleasure. We’re very happy and will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a new best friend.

Sent from my iPhone

New York

A message from Shu <shu.chowdhury@gmail.com> dated April 19, 2020


Hi Bill,

Hope you and your family are doing well doing this crazy time.
Bear and Wolf are doing great 👍🏽 IG: @bearwolfinc and pic below.


Best/ Shu
@shuchowdhury | +1917592****

New York

A message from Shanna Baggett <shanna@gaskincontractors.com> dated April 20, 2020
Subject: RE: Finn-Wintra Ultimate Supreme LH Female "Thalia"

Thalia is doing great she gets along with all my dogs and loves to run and play. She is an amazing dog and we couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you again and I will keep in touch with pictures in the future.

Shanna M. Baggett
Assistant Project Manager
Gaskin Contractors Landscape Division
2311-3 Killearn Center Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32309
(850)508-**** cell

A message from Shu <shu.chowdhury@gmail.com> dated April 19, 2020
Subject: Intro - Bill + Johnnie

Hi Bill,
Hope you and your family are doing well doing this crazy time.
Bear and Wolf are doing great 👍🏽 IG: @bearwolfinc and pic below.

Please meet my friend Johnnie who’s interested in a German Shepherd.

Please connect.
Best/ Shu
@shuchowdhury | +1917592****
New Jersey

A message from BRUCE QUINLAN <bbquinlan@sbcglobal.net>
dated February 7, 2020
Subject: Roxy from Missouri, kin to REMO. (granddaughter)

A message from Juan I. Torre <jitorre@unionpapelera.com.mx> dated January 26, 2020
Subject: Nala

Hello, this is Nala today. She’s incredibly smart and lovable.

Juan I Torre - Mexico

December 2019
Fernando von der Nadine, IPO3

Fernando and Jeff Manning at Fernando's new home with Patty in CO along with Fernando's 8 new family members. Congratulations to Jeff for his successful introductions.

A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com> dated December 22, 2019
Subject: Nero vom Schlicher Hof IPO3


Nero enjoying Life.
Merry Christmas
Art, Joan, Solo, and Nero - California

A message from Art <alehr034@aol.com> dated December 17, 2019
Subject: Nero vom Schlicher Hof IPO3


Got in from SFO @ 0330 and up at 0730, long day for us.

Nero is great -- a beautiful dog and so well behaved. Nero and Solo are outside now, all Solo wants to do is play and all Nero wants to do is explore and check out all the new smells.

Nero slept in house last night, no problem and met me with tail wagging.

He will have a great time here up in the mountains and we will make sure he has a great time in his retirement.

Will update again soon.

Take care

Art, Solo, Nero - California

From: Patricia Opperman <pattyopperman@me.com> dated December 8, 2019
Subject: Bruno IPO3 (AKA Ferdinand von der Nadine)

Hi Bill,
I hope your daughter is doing well and the Mayo hospital was able to find the cause of her pain.
I am doing the paperwork for Bruno’s AKC registration and there is a section that I need for you to please fill out. Should I send them to you or Evy? I will include a self addressed stamped envelope. May I ask you also to please review what I have already filled out and correct or add anything that I have missed or did wrong.
Bruno is doing very well and is great with my tiny dogs. He plays with my female GSD and enjoys playing with toys out in the yard. Otherwise, he will not leave my side which makes me very happy. Maybe I should have called him Shadow. I adore him! Oh! he is eating at mealtimes and I have to laugh because he will look at his food and sit in front of his bowl until I put his cheese on when I’ve forgotten to add it to his bowl.
I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful dog.
Take care,

From: fz1tomas@aol.com <fz1tomas@aol.com> dated November 12, 2019
Subject: My puppy. Bought 9-20-2020 -- Welfhund the Red dog Fleischerheim.

My husband Tom and I came down from Minnesota to buy a dog from you in September.
I want you to know that he is a delight. High energy, incredibly bright. Learns very quickly.
Your hospitality made our visit in Texas a great experience. We would highly recommend not only your kennel, but your business.
Yours Truly
Pattie Callahan - Minnesota

A message from Steven Brod <sb@crystalusa.com> dated September 24, 2019

Subject: Captain all Grown Up! Always aware or everyone and everything! Thank you

A message from Marty Landreth <mlandreth911@gmail.com> dated September 19, 2019
Subject: Axl von Fleiseherheim

Axl is now 2 1/2 yrs old his father is Tim. I can’t tell you how much we love him . People stop us all the time saying they never seen such a beautiful German Shepherd even our veterinary can’t believe how looks and his wonderful personality is . Thank you keep up the good work and we our thinking about getting a female from you.

Marty Landreth

A message from Alex Chavez <alexchavez624@yahoo.com> dated September 8, 2019
Subject: Thank you ! (Nero-Ursa LongHair Male)

Dear Bill and Evy,

I would like to send you a big thank you from our family to yours. All went well for pick up at the airport. Our puppy has been playing and pooping and eating and now he is taking a nap. All is well.


A message from Owen Pardo <owenpardo@me.com> dated July 21, 2019
Subject: Jaxon

Your boy at 2.5 years!

A message from Chona Arreglado <chona.arreglado@gmail.com> dated June 29, 2019
Subject: FW: Fero's photos; dob: 9/18/13 son of Nero and Jasmine

Hi Bill,

It’s been awhile since I last sent you photos of Fero. Fero is now 5 years and 9 months old. I got him from you when he was still 6 months old! Time flies so fast when you are having fun with your best friend. Fero is the love of my life. One night when I was in bed, he saw me snoring so loud that he panicked and went down stairs to alarm my mom who was watching tv at that time. He was running around her like nuts and mom thought he wants to go out to potty but Fero went towards the stairs, sat there then look at my mom and look up the stairs. Mom immediately understood what Fero was trying to tell her. They both went upstairs to check on me! I just love this boy.

He loves to come with us all the time. So when he is in the car, he whines but when I play the music in the car, oh boy, he is relaxed and quiet enjoying the music. He loves ballad songs… lol

I have so much to tell you about Fero. When we go out for a walk (everywhere we went) he is adored by a lot of people. Mind you, most of them take pictures of him. Lol I am a proud owner of this beautiful GSD!

Anyway, here are some of the photos of Fero. Thanks again.

Dallas, Texas

A message from <tgoth@sbcglobal.net> dated June 14, 2019

Hi Evy,
Michael and I picked up Sari in San Jose last night and everything went well. She was happy to get out of her crate and she had not soiled her crate just some water on the bottom. We took her over to a doggie area so she could pee. We had room for her and the crate in the back of my Ford Flex. She was good in the car on the way home. We took her outside when we got home and then feed her. We went to bed at 1:AM and slept until 5 this morning. She chose to sleep in the crate but I didn’t close the door. She ate good this morning and then we walked around the property I had her on a leash and then I let her run around on the tennis court and she liked that. She is such a good and sweet girl. She is taking a nap right now. She really liked Michael to. She gets to meet the rest the family in a few days. Grant texted me to say that he bought her a present this morning.
Thank you for everything. I will take good care of her.
Eivor Goth

A message from Robert E. Geromini <robertgeromini@comcast.net> dated May 29, 2019
Subject: Re: Tim-Merri Female A

Hello Bill - I hope all is well.
Everything went perfect and we brought our new pup home and have been enjoying her very much. She is beautiful and a quick learner. Thank you.

By the way, we named her Scout.


A message from charlene brass <charlenebrass@yahoo.com> dated May 24, 2019
Subject: "Mina"

All settled in. She is adorable.

A message from Jared <mjaredsullivan@yahoo.com> dated May 8, 2019
Subject: German Shepherd Puppy

Mr. Fleischer,

My wife and kids visited yesterday and bought a pup from you. I was not able to join them, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the way you treated them. My family was quite complementary of you, your kennels, and the way you cared for your dogs and pups. We had a wonderful night last night bonding with our new family member, who we are calling Ky. He is beautiful and so smart and loves his tennis ball. We look forward to our future with him.

Thank you again,

Jared Sullivan

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