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Please send us photos of your puppies and adult dogs so that we can share them with others. We love to see how they are doing.
Thank you.

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Below are References from Fleischerheim German Shepherd Puppy Customers

A message from Michael Binstein <mb@binnys.com> dated Dec. 17, 2012
Hi Bill
I want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and healthy 2013. Drew is a great, great dog with a perfect temperament.
All the best,

A message from Joanna (and Mark) Hagopian <chaosdog1@verizon.net> dated Dec. 14, 2012

Hello Bill,
Thank you so much for your dedication to raising beautiful dogs! It really, really made a difference in our (I should say Marks) decision on where to get a puppy. My husband was on cloud nine the first day he talked with you and your wife. I personally want to thank you for helping him during his time of grief. Having someone who understands the loss of a beloved pet is great. Having him be able to connect with you.., well that was pretty much the remedy for the beginning to heal his broken heart. As Chaos case came from the Fleischerheim name, it means the world to Mark. I can't tell you how excited and happy he is to be able to have a puppy from you (me too)!!

Warm regards,

A message from Kelly Vacco <kellyv24@aol.com> dated Dec. 6, 2012

I thought you might enjoy pictures of "Barrett" from earlier this fall in September. When he arrived we had a wheaton and another GSD, now he is an only "child". We lost our Wheaton in February and Annabelle in August. :( So now he pretty much rules the house.

He has the most beautiful temperament of any dog I have ever owned. As a matter of fact, I was very close to rescuing a GSD and my husband said, " I'm afraid it will alter his personality and it's so perfect as it is... but if you insist on another dog, contact his breeder." And while I am not in the market for another puppy right now, when I do, you will be the first people I reach out to.

Happy Holidays !

Kelly Vacco

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A message from Jeffry Paul <jcpaul@thomasjpaul.com> dated Dec. 4, 2012
Hello Evy and Bill,
 Here's a few photos of Eli at 6 months. I just can't tell you how truly happy Mary and I are with our new Best Friend. Words just can't describe it.
This Pup is exceptional. We hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season as much as we are. My daughter Jessica , who takes care of Eli when we are out and busy is engaged to be married in the Fall of 2013, and I was thinking what a nice gift a Fleischerheim GSD would be. I'll stay in touch about that.  I'll send another email with a short video clip of Eli walking with me
today. His gait is smooth.
All the very best,
Jeffrey Paul

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Messages from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated Dec. 4, 2012
He is 57 lbs at 6 months old. He is training easily except he loses it in the pet store. Too much to take in I guess. We enjoy him immensely and are so glad we found you. Thanks!
Also...A quiet moment in the pet store -- Arleen

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A message from Dain Shelton <dainshelton@yahoo.com> dated Dec. 3, 2012

Hi Bill,

My wife and I bought a male puppy from you that was born in July, I think. We absolutely love Max. He is a wonderful and beautiful dog. I have recommended your kennel to several people and I think one of them
may have bought a dog from you.
Dain Shelton

A message from Bill and Mickey <601xl@rtconnect.net> dated Dec. 2, 2012

Hi Bill;
We got her and have her home already. She is beautiful. We fell in love with her instantly. Thank you.
Thank you, Bill and Mickey

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A message from Tally Nichols dated Nov. 24, 2012

Hi Bill;
Just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful dog. We named her Tinker Bell. She's just so smart and loves our children.
 Sincerely, Tally Nichols

A message from Eddy Olandj <eolandj@gmail.com> dated Nov. 19, 2012


  Hope all is well. Reeko is growing fast.  What a great dog! Great temperament, excellent with kids and very very smart which makes his training even easier. I have told everyone about you and how wonderful your dogs are. It's hard to believe that it has been only two months since his arrival but as you can see he has grown so much. Wanted to again thank you for selecting a good puppy for us. You made the process so easy and I am glad we trusted your judgment.

Best Regards,


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A message from Ingrun Wiekhorst <iwiekhorst@gmail.com> dated Nov. 16, 201
Hello, Evy and Bill;

I hope you are all well.
Diva , born June 4th to Remo and Tyra.
She is developing very very well and is a great joy to us. In the beginning I
had to tame her before I could begin training but since then she has been doing
very well and next week will try for her CDC certificate.
Like Maestro (Astor and Zorra) she is stubborn but once she decides to obey she
is a pleasure. She is gutsy, feisty, inquisitive and totally unafraid. Just the
kind of puppy I wanted. Maestro and Diva are one heart and soul now although he
was not happy to welcome her home. It took about a week of careful supervision
before we could let them play. Personalities in both are what one would hope to
have in a German Shepherd and people stop us forever about their looks.
Thank you

Ingrun Wiekhorst

A message from Jeff Paul <jcpaul@thomasjpaul.com> dated Nov. 14, 2012
Hello Bill and Evy,
 I hope this note finds you both well. Just a quick note to say and show you
Eli at 5 months. I'll send better photos soon.
He is our best friend.
Jeff & Mary Paul

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A message from Tommy Lightfoot Garrett <tlmgjrpr@aol.com> dated Nov. 4, 2012


I am becoming offended by those vile FAKE reviews, so I figured with 9 million readers now, we can do more damage to them than they can to Bill.

Here’s a story for him!
Link to Fleischeriem Feature Article - Highlight Hollywood

A message from Cathy and Joe Wilk <dustywilk@hotmail.com> dated November 1, 2012

Just keeping you up to date.
Jeffery was here for 3 days and it was a great experience. Zander is exceptional. His bite work and tracking are amazing to watch.
He is settling in and the bond is strong. He can be mischievious and playful....still a puppy at heart.
We are interested in utilizing him for stud....I am not sure how to get that info out there, but we do need the original paperwork on him. I know you were also working on the sch3 papers from Germany.
Your ability to offer Jeff's services in the purchase process truely sets you apart. It would serve you well to promote that option on your web site. That combined with the peace of mind of an exchange (if necessary), takes a lot of anxiety away.
We look forward to the original paperwork arriving.
THANK YOU for an excellent dog!

Cathy and Joe Wilk

A message from tenkk <tenkk@aol.com> dated October 29, 2012

Subject: 2011 Masters World Dog Sport Tournament for German Shepherd Dogs

Hello Bill,

I met with Nelli Racsko and she seems extremely well qualified. She has been involved in many aspects of GSD's including Shutzhund for many years. The links below go over all aspects of her career etc.

She was blown away with Remo and thought he was one of the best she has seen. She knows you and was quite impressed you have GSD's the quality of Remo.

Remo is adjusting more every day and I see how very comfortable and happy he is is to be living with me. He really likes kid's and wants to play with them--he must of been raised around them.

I got the Costco food --red bag and his appetite is quite healthy.

I had the opportunity twice to give him bite work on the sleeve. As soon as he sees the sleeve and the "bad" guy he becomes a different dog. Both times were with very qualified and experienced handlers and instructors. He followed commands and disengaged when told "out" he then was given the sleeve to take back to the car .

I was walking him in a park in Santa Monica on the beach. All kinds of people doing different activities etc. A boxing instructor was giving a lesson to his student and they were sparing. When Remo saw them "fighting" he went into the same mode as the bite work -sleeve exercise. Very alert and agitated barking loudly.and pulling on the leash. When the men stopped he went back to just alert status. Do you think his training encompassed awareness of fighting and other forms of aggression?

Hope all is well

A message from miketevans <miketevans@wellsfargo.com> dated October 25, 2012

Hey Bill

Hope all’s well with you and your family. I purchased a Remo pup from you 4 months ago and Ranger is fantastic. I was wondering if you have a list of folks that purchased puppies from you in my state of Maryland and if so I’d like to reach out to them so we can get our dogs together.

Talk with you soon, Mike

A message from Kathy and Joe Wilk dated October 12, 2012

Letting you know things are progressing with Obama. We are using the name ZANDER, (slavic for protector) and he now recognizes it as his.

Zander is settling in, golf cart, bike, grandkids vehicle...he is a wonderfully trained, well adjusted, balanced dog. He seems to be bonding to us equally.
Yesterday he barked at a knock on the door.....i took that to mean he is settling in.

Keep us posted on the progress of the SCH3 paperwork,etc.

We would like Jeff Manning any time between oct 22 and nov 2. I hope that time frame leaves you enough flexibility for scheduling. Please let us know as soon as you settle on 2-4 days and what arrangements you need me to see to.

Thank You!

Cathy Wilk.

A message from Arleen Annaian dated September 29, 2012 <bigs12@aol.com>

He's such a joy!! Thank you so much. He's growing!!

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A message from Dwayne Cooper dated August 24, 2012 <dc.bruin@gmail.com>

Just a quick update -- the puppy arrived safe and sound and on time. She's beautiful and sweet and the family is enjoying her already.

Thanks for everything,


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A message from Pam Hutton dated August 22, 2012 <plhutton@msn.com>


I received Kendra's AKC form today, It is on the way to the AKC in NC.
Her name is Kendra Vom Fleischerheim.
She is 50 lbs. and tuff as nails.
I'll send some pictures when I get some new ones.
Tell Bill I said thanks.


A message from Jerry Herron <messageforjerry@yahoo.com> dated August 15, 2012

We certainly enjoyed meeting and visiting with you and your daughter yesterday, the expert advice recieved and of course being able to bring "Ruffe" home with us. He slept most all the way, was no trouble at all, and has adapted quickly to the environment here. He has already learned "sit" and "shake" --only after two commands to do so. He is also doing great in his house breaking training, and sleeps/naps in his crate with no problem. We took him to Petsmart this morning for a few things and to socialize. Needless to say he was the center of attention, everyone commented on what a wonderful looking and behaved pup he was--gads, we are worse than grandparents.

Attached is the pic your daughter took for her album. We will start ours with it also.

Thank you again, we will continue to update you,

Jerry & Barb Herron

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A Message from Amy Combsbaker <highstreetenergy@yahoo.com> dated August 13, 2012

Subject: One Very Happy , Grateful Family :)

Good morning, Bill & Evy

We are in love with our puppy. What a surprise it truly was for Kendal & Gage. They could not believe the puppy was ours last night. We were all in tears. We arrived home around 1 am but did not go to bed until almost 4, of course he sleeps with us. And has been exploring the property with us this morning. .He is very special and so loveable. He acts already like he has been here forever. He is so well adjusted and what a happy little guy he is . We named him Sitka. I will e mail you after the apt with his vet and let you know how it went, we have no worries he is healthy and full of energy & love. I will also e mail a few photos a little later today. Again Thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Amy, Terry, Kendal & Gage :)

A message from Norton Cooper <nortoncooper@roadrunner.com> dated Jun 17, 2012


You're the one that has to tell me!

Your History in the German Shepherd Breeding world is Legendary, your experience is history and that is why I came to you for my German Shepherd buddy.
I am fully confident that you will guide me to make the right decision.
Now, knowing what I'm looking for in a Male Shepherd, (Black & Red) Large, handsome and well behaved temperament ie: Ursy in a female.(Perfect)
Please advise me to make the right decision.
Greatly appreciative of your direction, assistance, understanding and help.



A message from Beverly Mont dated July 14, 2012 <bmont@verizon.net>

Hi Bill,

As per our conversation, I am writing to inquire more about the litter of puppy's from V-Remo & Rive. Our purchase of a young female in 2009 from you has brought us one of the best German Shepherd dogs we have ever had. With my husband being a k-9 Officer for 23 years and me having grown up all my life with that breed, it says a lot. We have, and continue to, highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a GS. We are interested in a young MALE from the V-Remo & Riva litter. You were very gracious and kind in working with us on the price by qouting us $2500 total, including shipping. I can't tell you how appreciative we are, please know that.

Here is picture of the girl we got from you...her name is Sadie. She is loved and adored more than I can possibly begin to tell you.

Thank you Bill...

Beverly Mont

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A message from Leetha Amadon dated Jun 24, 2012 <leetha.amadon@gmail.com>
Subject: dear Bill

Dear Bill,
Thank you for the lovely Ken-Deja puppy. Things you probably don't know. I know I was telling you about our mother (my husbands mom). She passed as we were going to the airport to pick up Kaylee. My husband named her. I have never been good at the names, so it's just as well. I'm not crazy about the name, but it was from his heart as it is my middle name (Kay) and his moms middle name (Lee). Kinda makes it all better! LOL! He's a great guy that way. She has really come into her own as you can see.. She is a very pretty girl. Every where we go everybody notices her. Everybody thinks she is all grown up. A miniature. They are shocked when I tell them she is only about five months old. She is very smart constanly challenging me. I have been taking her to a training club out here called Pioneer Schutzhund club. The main guy out there told us today he wishes he had a Shepherd just like her only bigger. I told him you sold them...in a bigger size all the time. That she was just a baby. (That is what he is always telling me.) She likes the tracking and has lots of courage. We have no problem with her barking on the field. I have attached four pictures of her at different times. "Walking" was a few weeks after I got her. When she came in the crate we took her to the parking lot and let her out. She rolled out of the crate and kissed the ground. The "1Kaylee" pic is of my husband and her on memorial day at his dad and brothers grave. The other two were from today. She is growing like a weed. I'll try and get better pictures.
I hated to call about the birthdate, but I forgot to get it off the site when they were posted. I did manage to get the picture off the site. Thank you again for her. She is very sweet. She is already a big part of our lives.

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Catherine Dunne dated Jun 4, 2012 <dunnec@hra.nyc.gov>


I hate going to work leaving my precious UnaMoona at home. We are Siamese Twins and i miss her when she is not with me.
i have a picture of her at the office and that somewhat fills the void. i have to say Bill--she is my gift of joy and
with her i am never lonely. Having her is like winning the Lottery--she gives me a wealth love, happiness, and
tremendous joy. Thank you Bill, for your guidance--she is the most precious love in the world!!!!


A message dated June 10, 2012 from From: Sal Holt <salholt@gvtc.com>
Subject: Maja Von Fleischerheim at almost 16 mos

Greetings Bill and Evie,

It has been a while since I updated you, but as you see from the photo's Miss
Maja is doing fantastic. I took these pics Today June 10th.

She really makes Susan and I happy. She is as sweet as she can be, but
protective of us as you would expect from a dog of this caliber and breeding.
We just love her to death. Interestingly , I was never much to let dogs on the
furniture, but as you can see, she is a fixture. She is careful and polite and
while she has a plush Dog bed in the Living room, you can see her place of

We are of course happy that she "choose" us.

Enjoy the updated pics and have a wonderful summer.

Sal and Susan Holt
Texas Hill Country

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A Message dated Jun 10, 2012  From: Julie Sheeler sheelerjulie@yahoo.com
Hi Bill, it's AJ Miller. I purchased a puppy from you a few weeks ago. I was wondering how to get his blood lines. Could you send them or let me know how to obtain them.
Thank you. We absolutely love him. Such a nice dog

a Message dated May 28, 2012 From: Cambra L. Finch <cambralf@me.com>

Hello Bill,
Minna arrived safely and is doing great! She is very sweet with our children and is adjusting well to her new home.
Thank you,

a Message dated May 20, 2012 From: Kara Tibor <ktibor@gmail.com>

Hi Bill,

We are loving Segen, our 2011 Christmas puppy, (parents are Remo and Luci) and her DOB 9/23/2011. We chose the longer-hair/coat female and your daughter was so kind to help us surprise our kids with her in late December.

She's just been great, thank you again for providing us such a wonderful girl!

Kara Tibor

a message dated April 21, 2012 From: <justmarymargaret@yahoo.com>
Dear Bill,

We are so happy with our "Sam." We tried Fritz, we tried Samuel Fritz, Sam Fritz; but the name "Sam" seems to be here to stay...

He has such wonderful things he does...He leaps in the air like a ballet dancer when he is playing, 3x, at least 3ft.high it seems like...it is so graceful how he plays.. Sam loves to try to catch his own hair blowing in the wind when i clean the brush, and it is really wonderful to see.
Reg was singing a French folk-song to him about a kitten his mother used to sing to him, and Sam cocks his head and then when Reg stopped singing, Sam opens and closes his mouth to make him sing again...
Sam is quite a dog...We love him already...

It was so good to meet you Bill, to see your wonderful place with the shade of pecan trees, and to see all of your dogs...
Most of all, we want to thank you for Samuel Fritz Vom Fleischerheim.
I am almost certain we will be back in contact about a female companion for Sam when the time is right.
Please come visit us anytime you might be down our way in South Texas.

Mary and Reg Veilleux

PS. We took him to the Vet yesterday and he is 73 lbs...and as healthy as can be, ALL tests fine... his hips are fine, etc... he just had a quarter size spot on his face and the vet took a culture to make sure if it was mange or not, and it was the less serious form of mange, so we are giving him ProMectin E, 7cc per day for a month. The Vet told us this is very common in dogs under a year old since their immune system is still developing, but I thought I should let you know for your dogs there...I know it happens in humid weather easily with all this rain lately.

a message dated April 20, 2012  From: <mb@binnys.com>
Dear Bill

You sold me a German Shepherd puppy you labeled "ultimate." That turns out to be an understatement. He is actually perfect, amazing, outstanding, incredible, precocious, beautiful, sweet, and brilliant. He is everything you promised and more. Thank you very much for adding so much to my home and family.

Hope you visit Chicago some day so I can show you where Drew lives.


a message dated April 12, 2012 From: <DCanu@crcins.com>

Hi Bill,

I hope you are doing well! Sarina is doing great. She is an awesome GSD. She
gets compliments all the time. She is a highly motivated dog and with her high
IQ, she is going to challenge us. She has been working with a personal
one-on-one trainer who specializes with GSD's! He really thinks highly of her.

I hope all is well!

a message dated Apr 10, 2012 From: <sweetbaboo1@comcast.net>

Hi Bill and Evy! I just wanted to take a second to give you an update now that our boy has turned a year. Rocco is doing extremely well. Again, he is so smart, kind and beautiful! We must say at least once a day how impressed we are with him. He goes everywhere with us and no matter where we go people ALWAYS comment on him and want to know where we got him from as they have never seen one like him and we always let them know!! I know people wish this bloodline was closer. We met a couple of people that introduced us to schutzhund, a ton of enjoyment. Rocco was doing really well at it but then a family tragedy occurred and those people no longer do it. Well, there are no trainers or clubs in our area and since we don't know that much about it we had to stop doing it. We did gain enough knowledge to do some tracking (which Rocco is very good at, LOVES it) and some exercises to help keep up his drive and work on self confidence. Not sure how far he would have gone but we had fun. I would love a female puppy and train her to become a certified therapy dog and visit the childrens hospital and nursing homes. If she is anything like Rocco maybe have a litter out of them :-) I know several would go to family and friends . . . lol. Anyway, I have attached a photo of Rocco taken just a few weeks before he turned a year. He normally doesn't get on the furniture but he just finished his walk with Joe and I guess he felt the need to be closer to the fan, haha. When the weather is too bad for walks or parks then I have taught him to walk on the treadmill!!! He is such a big part of our family, thank you.


Meg Trancoso

a message dated 3/3/2012 from aschwab@uci.edu writes:
Dear Mr. Fleischerheim,

My name is Anna Schwab. I am a college student living in Whittier,
California near Los Angeles. I have always loved dogs and German Shepherds in particular because I grew up always having at least two German Shepherds. My dad used to have schutzhund training sessions at our house when I was young and he traveled to Germany to get our dogs.I love their protective side and I just love how no other dog can compare to the beauty of a German Shepherd from real German bloodlines. I have been rescuing dogs from shelters and fostering them until I find them great homes. What I really want is a dog that I can raise from a puppy and call my own. I want a dog that is going to protect me, as I am alone a lot and I like to
go for runs but I live near bad areas. I would also like a beautiful dog.

I have been looking at ads for your German Shepherds since I was about 12 years old when I used to order the Dog Fancy magazines and I always look at the beautiful dogs on your website. I have gone to look at lots of German Shepherds and have not brought myself to buy any of them because
yours are just so much more amazing. I don't want to settle for something and always wish I had gotten what I wanted. My dad has always told me that I could never get one of your dogs because they are too good and too expensive. I am writing to you because maybe you can help and everyone has always told me that "if you don't ask, you don't get". There is a male dog on your California German Shepherd website named V Remo - V Remo vom Fiemereck SchH3, Kkl 1a. He is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen with his redish colors and deep blacks and huge head. I would absolutely love to have one of his male puppies (not for breeding and not for showing) with that same coloring and a big head like he has.
Anna Schwab

a message dated 2/6/2012 from dunnec@hra.nyc.gov writes:
UnaMoona and I took a refresher course with a trainer--we are working in central park--and of course
she is the most smartest cookie in the group---Bill nothing Fazes her Nothing and she has such
a calm temperament. and i mean calm. amazing how i picked her from the group!!!!

Bill i hope you will be breeding for a long time because i will always get a Fleischerheim Dog.



a message dated 1/13/2012 michaelseanbrown@gmail.com writes:

Xandra has arrived. She is in good health and in good spirits. She has had fun checking out our current house and back yard and she says to send her approval. My wife and I picked her up at the airport and only had to wait about 20 minutes before she was brought to the cargo bay. She was hungry, for sure. She is definitely snuggling up to both of us quite a lot, which is very, very nice. And boy does she behave. Wow. For people not in the 'dog world,' we have no clue how is nice it is buying the late model Mercedes. I will pick up my son and two of his school mates and be bringing them home to a big surprise for Tristan. She is going to be loved to death by that boy. What a retirement.
On what schedule have you been feeding her and how much of the Orijen have you been feeding her? My son will want to know what her favorite toys would be. Is it a good idea or a completely bad idea to have one of those tug-of-war toys? What sounds like a lot of fun could be really bad for her teeth or neck so I'd just rather hear it from you. She seems in great shape... how will she be with stairs? We're totally up for adapting to what's best for her, we just don't know what we need to know.
Thank you so much for a great transaction. We are very happy with Xandra. I suspect we will be contacting you in the near future about other dogs as our project in Redding continues to explode. Bill, feel free to use me as a reference as well. I know your world is fraught with back stabbing and mud slinging. With a transaction like this, I would be glad to provide an eloquent, detailed referral.
Thank you,
Sean Brown
Kailasa Institute

a message dated 12/27/2011 from anna@sierrasolar.com writes:
Merry Christmas to you guys. Stella is now 10 months old and a beautiful German Shepherd dog. The kids are so in love with her and she is crazy about them. See attached picture.

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 12/26/2011 from brendapeek3@aol.com writes:
GIBBS is enjoying cabin life in snowy Duck Creek Utah sledding and playing. Hope u have a happy New Year. GIBBS is thriving and has really fit into our family. He is very special! Strong minded he is:) Ziva loves him! They are always playing! Gibbs is relentless yet sweet;)

Reference Photo - Thank You

In a message dated 12/24/2011 from JDANA10@comcast.net writes:
I spoke with Evy on the phone yesterday and we discussed two puppies located in Alexandria Virginia under the care of Jeffery Stansfield. The puppies were from the litter of Kim and Ken. Evy gave me some fast education on why these particular puppies are top quality and should be considered above other litters from different breeders. Evy was sincere and convincing so I took the time to meet up with Jeff and see the puppies. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, strait forward, and quite frankly the type of person I prefer to deal with. I ended up leaving with a wonderful puppy who now has a large fenced in back yard to herself, a bunch of brand new toys, and three older children who love her round-the-clock.
Thank you for your commitment to breeding exceptional dogs and I assure you that "Scarlet" is in a good home where she will be well cared for.

a message dated 12/21/2011 from kscappy@aol.com writes:

Is the Remo/Luci supreme female B going to be long haired? I just love Ully,she is the best puppy and is so smart. I would be interested in another dog if one comes available.. Please keep me posted.

Merry Christmas to you and Evy


a message dated 12/19/2011 from robertj@consolidated.net writes:
Merry Christmas,
Picture is of Mandy vom Fleischerheim and my barn on a rare winter day in east Texas.
She is 8 yrs old and going strong.
Robert Johnston

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a message dated 12/16/2011 from mhkamon@comcast.net writes:
Thanks for getting the regis. papers to me. I have attached a few pictures of Lance during a training session at our club. The week before last we attended a seminar in Florida put on by Phil Hoelscher. As you can see is starting to bite. He is also doing well in tracking.
Best Regards,
Mitch Kamon

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a message dated 10/30/2011
Hi, Bill,
We got the puppy. He is so cute, thank you very much for him. Our daughter is actually thinking to give him a name Dallas because he arrived from that airport. Everything looks good now, if we have any questions we’ll let you know.
Thank you,

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a message dated 11/19/2011 from aaronstorm52@gmail.com writes:
Bill -- Very happy with Alley -- attached is a picture and she is feeling a lot better. -- Aaron Storm

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 11/11/2011 from rijo313@yahoo.com writes:
Re: Pup Arrived safe and sound
Bullet arrived and told me he hated plane flights to which I concurred. It was our first meeting of the minds. He was calm , cool and surprisingly collected for a puppy. He went to the bathroom, drank, and ate, and then enjoyed the ride home. Bullet has taken over his place in the house and we thank you both for your help. Talk to you soon,
Ciao, Richie and Sandy Martino

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a message dated 11/8/2011 from pjyocum@aol.com writes:
Rio and his Herding Ribbons (Rio is World Sieger Zamp v. Thermodos son)

Patty Yocum
Canine Nanny Services, LLC
p: 760-505-****

Reference Photo - Thank You

We are loving him. He has very few accidents in the house, and the other two dogs are passing the stage of uneasiness into the "getting to know you" phase.
Kelly Vacco

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a message dated 11/4/2011
Hello Bill, hope all is well with you. I just wanted to send you an updated
picture of our Nazca (Ken-Deja litter). She is 10 months old now, and just gorgeous. She has
become the nicest dog and we love her so much. Still struggling with the
cats though...she just wants to play and chase and they are staying out of
her way. Hopeful that some day they can all be in the same room !
peacefully that is.

Have a great holiday season!

Reference Photo - Thank You

In a message dated 10/30/2011 from sjhelicalpiers@comcast.net writes:
Hi, Bill,
We got the puppy. He is so cute, thank you very much for him. Our daughter is actually thinking to give him a name Dallas because he arrived from that airport. Everything looks good now, if we have any questions we’ll let you know. Thank you, Lana

a message dated 10/29/2011 from grandmawmattie@att.net writes:
I purchased a male pup from Larry in Tenn. He's just great and beautiful
started classes doing fabulous. I hope you have the papers soon. Gypsy
is Dam , Astor Sire born June 8 thanks, Mattie Olivet, Edneyville, NC

Bill and Evy, Here is a pic of Chase! He's almost a full year now and I cannot believe how fast it has flown by. I also can't imagine our household without him. He has the sweetest personality, and has been so easy to train! Thank you so much!!!!

Jennifer Luthy 10-24-11

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 10/28/2011
Dear Bill & Evy,

Wow what a puppy!! We could not be more pleased with "Captain" Uhey. He is 4 months old now, and positively gorgeous. His deep red and black coloring, large bone and beautiful shape really set him apart. And he is so sturdy! We are always getting compliments on him. He also has such a great cheerful and easy-going temperament! He has been a breeze to train and just adjusted himself to our family and other dog so easily. He accompanies me to the horse stables where there are many dogs and much to learn, but he stays confident and is happy to listen to my direction. Today he laid outside the arena and waited like a little gentleman while I worked with a horse. He is quickly becoming a favorite of people and dogs alike, very friendly, happy and playful. I was skeptical about buying a pup on-line and sight unseen, but must say this guy has far exceeded my expectations.
Thanks so much for your fine breeding program.
Animal Control, :)
Melissa Uhey

Reference Photo - Thank You

The picture says it all. What a wonderful companion. I love her soooo much.
Thank you Evy.
William D. Hart

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 10/7/2011
Hi Bill

Just wanted to give you an update on Gunny! He's 90 pounds and will be two years old this Dec. He's doing very well in family protection work and will be attending bomb detection school in March. Best dog ever. thanks Bill!
Don Thompson

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 9/9/2011 from Framsey@seidata.com writes:
Hi Bill,
I started my pup "Eli" training and he is doing very we. He has a lot of prey drive and doing better than most of the pups in protection. It is fun having a young dog again. I had forgotten how much energy they have.
Fred Ramsey

a message dated 8/23/2011 from bjeffries50@aol.com writes:
We all love Bella and she is genuinely the best GSD we have ever had, a true loyal family addition. You could never pry her away from my son who sleeps
with her in his bed every night. I hope the guy who inquired buys from your kennel.

a message dated 9/4/2011 from hood@hp.com writes:
Hi Bill- We purchased Jake from you about ten years ago. He is a terrific member of our family, and has travelled with us around the world. His unique combination of large size, docile temperament, and 6th sense of “right and wrong” is a comfort to all of us.
John Hood

a message dated 8/26/2011 from woodzonline@gmail.com writes:
Hello Bill,
The pups are doing great! They are sweethearts. We will let you now how they come along.
Thanks again, we love them. Tracie

a message dated 8/18/2011from jhubbard@derryberrylaw.com writes:
Hi Bill and Kristina,

Thought you would like to see the male from Astor & Zorra born 4-16-11 with his new pal that you saw when we drove from OKC to pick him up. He is doing very well in puppy class. Hope all is well with you.


Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 8/9/2011 from jryne1@msn.com writes:
Awesome pup! Thank you guys for sending a beautiful pup we love her, as well as her personality!! She is doing great.. = Jacob

Reference Photo - Thank You

Mr. Fleischer,

I was wanting to take a moment to let you know how wonderful your dogs truly are. I just got married last September and for a wedding present, I purchased a German Shepherd pup for my wife. After reviewing his pedigree, I saw that he is the grandson of one of Fleischerheim's Shepherds. He is by far one of the smartest dogs that I have ever worked with... We live on a farm in Northeast TN near Bristol motor speedway and Koda goes everywhere with me. He is also the most instinctive protector of my wife that I have ever seen as well.. We have a very large area that our dogs can roam, run, play and train... We have discussed the possibility of purchasing another German Shepherd Female. I know that your German Shepherds are world re-known... What we are interested in learning more about is acquiring a German Shepherd that is already trained in basic obedience.. We are not interested in showing dogs that much, as we do not have the time to leave the farm and the other jobs that we have. Do you occasionally have dogs that are trained in Obedience and possibly protection but are not slotted to be show dogs? Thank you very much for your time..

Thomas Jenkins

a message dated 8/3/2011 from cstump@marktwain.net writes:
I just wanted to send you an email saying 'thank you' for letting me purchase 'Connie vom Fleischerheim'. She was the female located in TX. I have had her one year in July and have developed an amazing bond with her. She is so loyal, beautiful, intelligent and just wants to please! My first GSD came from Denise in Parkersburg Iowa and was out of one of your male GSD's and she was also a very amazing dog and the reason I came to your website for another. I tell everyone about your website as they ask where I got Connie - so hope you have had inquiries that care about the breed like we do.
Have a nice day. Cindi Stump

In a message dated 7/18/2011 from magpieonthebeach@yahoo.com writes:
Dear Bill,
I have now had Dago home for 2 full days, he is a magnificent dog. It is hard to imagine that he was not always my dog.. We bonded immediately and he sticks to me like glue. He had his first swim in the Caribbean Sea yesterday and absolutely loved it. The only thing that he does not seem to like are stairs and he lets me know it, but we will work on that. He also interacts very well with my other dogs and has taken a shine to Jasmine whom I also purchased from you. Thank you so much again. I am truly pleased.

Below are References from July 2008 to June 2011

Hi Bill,

We are really enjoying Zeke and he is almost 6 months now. I have attached a pic of him and his half brother Ollie, who you sold to Sierra's brother-in-law Jeremy. They are really enjoying the water with this hot summer.

John & Sierra

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message dated 6/21/2011 from jvdeleon@hotmail.com writes:
Bill and Evy:

I would like to let you know that I received the pup. She is amazingly good looking with a great temperament. She has tons of drive and yet loves being around people. I am very pleased with the pup. I would like to thank you for making the whole transaction smoothly. I definitely would recommend your kennel to everyone I know.

best regards,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello Bill,

How are you? It's been a while since we touched base. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say hello and also share some photos of Bismarck. He has grown into a handsome, wonderful boy. We love him to death! Hope all is going well with you.
Thank you!

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 6/6/2011 from sweetbaboo1@comcast.net writes:
Dear Bill and Evy. The puppy arrived safe and sound. He is just a sweetheart and beautiful! We just want to thank you for working with us and being patience and understanding with us. We appreciate it.

Joe and Meghann

Abbey earned her Am TD today did a great job. She continues to be a great GSD love her She is going for her Rally novice titles in about 3 weeks. Carole at BridalVale

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 6/21/2010 from robert@comcast.net writes:
Hello Bill - Everything is going great...the dog is superb. We had her 48 hour exam and she passed with flying colors...the vet was very impressed with her! When you send the AKC papers would you also send the signed purchase & sale agreement back as well. Thanks, Robert

a message dated 6/14/2010 from rvrequine@gmail.com writes:
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know that our new pup “Ziva” is doing great and that she had her vet check today. The vet was very impressed with her conformation and says she is super healthy. We also got her heartworm meds and Frontline so we can continue with your schedule of the first of every month with her.
 She is a great dog and we are so impressed with her temperament and quality of health and representation of the breed! She has a good mind and is just a super dog!
 I now understand why people pay more for your dogs – they are SO worth it! I can’t wait to get further into this with you from a business perspective and get more dogs. We are so happy with her and if you have any Associate opportunities or pregnant females that come along that you think would be a good business move be sure to keep me informed. Seeing the quality in this dog just has me more excited about learning from you and creating quality within the breed! She exceeded my expectations!
 Thank you again for making the special arrangements to get her to us quickly. She is a fantastic dog and I know I will always have these high quality dogs with me for eternity!
Kim & Matt Samitore
River Valley Ranch
Horse Boarding & Equine Restorative Body Work
Training/Lessons & Silver Lining Herb Sales

a message dated 5/11/2010 from haleyhaus@aol.com writes:
Hi Bill,Riley's ears are both up!! He has been on glucosamine for about a week now and shark cartalige for 4 days. We are really enjoying him. He is so beautiful!! I have a 10 month australian terrier female and they are the best of friends!! Thank you for such a beautiful dog.

Talk soon
Linda & Jim

a message dated 5/11/2010 from t_wolford@columbus.rr.com writes:
My name is Tim Wolford and I purchased 2 puppies from you about a month ago. They are doing great and I still can’t believe how smart they are, I’ve trained them in some basics, but feel that I need to hire a trainer to really take advantage of their intellect and temperament. I would appreciate any input that you have on this subject, and any referral would be welcomed. I just want to make sure I get a great trainer that can help me bring out the best in the Jojo and Nina. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy these dogs, and I have to tell you that it’s from your incredible breeding and selection. These two puppies get along great and display amazing acts of unscripted teamwork.  I am in awe at the intellect of these puppies. Jojo and Nina are such quick learners that their abilities seem innate. Playing with them is teaching them, they make dog training fun. Jojo goes to the vet this Friday, he’ll be 16 weeks. He will receive the last of his shots, Nina will go next week. The dogs also go to the spa for grooming every other week as part of their socialization.
Thanks for everything.


I obtained a German Shepherd Puppy from you 8 years ago. He has been nothing less than a Gem. Because of my recent divorce, he is now with my ex-wife. I would like to purchase another puppy from you, if at all possible. I have no interest in showing the dog, just like the last one, a dog with a great temperament who would be good with older kids. I have looked at your website, and see that you have a couple of litters from March of this year. If you can pick out a Choice male for me, I would be really appreciative.

You can email me back or call me in the evenings or during the day at 330-489-****.

Thank you,
Tony Chryssos

a message dated 5/6/2010 from motherload3@aol.com writes:
Went to the vet today - everyone fawned all over Eros and told us how beautiful he was, how well he listened (he already knows his name, sit, come and down).  All our neighbors are shocked at how he stays with us sans a leash, doesn't chase the bus when the children get on and comes when I call him.  I am not surprised at all!  That's why we chose a good breeder.  
I'm reminded how many people have no clue about shepherds and why there was always such a fuss over Sinjin; most people have no experience with how fantastic these dogs really are.
We're so thrilled with him and I've been sharing your name with everyone who asks where we got such a great dog.

message dated 4/20/2010 from rogerschutt@comcast.net writes:
We were so impressed with your service as well. Medical records, rabies tag, a wash and pedicure, a really nice deluxe shipping crate, convenient shipping........it all adds up to a really great package.
Geo is doing great, and he really tries to please. I'll be sure to keep you updated from time to time.
Best wishes and thanks again!
Roger Schutt

a message dated 4/4/2010 from reza1234@aol.com writes:
Thank you again for a champion dog! You are the best breeders! Thank
you! Allie is a showstopper! Wow wow wow!

Carla Rezabek

a message dated 4/4/2010 from rogerschutt@comcast.net writes:
Good Morning Bill. I'd like to inquire about the availability and price of your young adult male, Eko vom Fleischerheim. Thanks so much for your pursuit of excellence, and depth, in your breeding program. You have our respect and admiration.
Roger Schutt

a message dated 2/19/2010 from paocalgsd@gmail.com writes:
Hi Bill
I wanted to update you on how Jimmy is doing . He received his CGC in Huntsville,Al on 09/12/2009. Rally Advance Title earned on Nov 1,2009 with a Second and Third Place Finish.  Having a slight problem with him in Rally Excellent ,since there is Two Jumps involved, and he loves to Jump, so instead of him going back to Heel Position,he decides its more fun to due Zoomies around the ring.
So back to more training with him and working on positioning. The additional training,must be helping, since he earned his Companion Dog Title in Novice B 1st leg 188.5 (10/31/2009) 2nd Leg 191 (11/09/09),3rd Leg 195 & First Place,and additional Leg 196 First Place Finish on (02/13/10& 02/14/2010) in Decatur, Al.  He loves going to new places to train and loves our new house in Athens, Al because there  is a horse farm behind us .
James Joseph Vom Fleischerheim CD RA Dn 22483501
Va Dux De Cuatro Flores 
V Xandra Vom Naturpark-Altmuhltal
Pat O'Callaghan 

a message dated 12/21/2009 writes:

Bill + Evy,

George + Allie arrived perfectly! Allie slept the whole flight. Thank you for everything!

Allie is gorgeous with a perfect temperament so calm and easy going and loving!
Will send pics + keep you in her life.

Carla Rezabek

a message dated 11/25/2009 from RLiddle@doeal.gov writes:

All has gone very well with our puppy! I must compliment Shirley for the way that she has obviously handled him. I think she has brought out the best of his bloodline as he is calm and fearless in his new environment. He got his vet check, and chip and again handled it calmly.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!


a message dated 11/19/2009 from nnestler@mcs-milw.org writes:
Hi Evy & Bill,
She has arrived and she is beautiful!!! We absolutely love her!
Thank you,

a message dated 11/9/2009 from bobsilveri@yahoo.com writes:
Chanel came from your jan. 12 08 litter and remember I want a normal size female. And yes that's what I got and were very happy. Chanel just finished her second obedience school and she doing quite well and all facets of her training. There no question that she's very smart and has a very strong ball drive. but most important she's a wonderful pet who enjoys being indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks for your patiences in dealing with me. Robert Silveri

a message dated 10/5/2009
Good Morning Bill,

Things are going really well with Blitzen!!! We are absolutely thrilled with him. What a smart puppy!! He continues to impress the trainers at the schutzhund club, infact we had a trial last week, the judge was from Germany. I didnt bring Blitzen, but he has impressed everyone in our club so much they asked me to go home and get him (2 hr round trip) so the judge could see him. After working him, the judge told me "your puppy is very impressive, probably one of the best puppies I have seen. I look forward to having the opportunity to judge him in the future, he is a strong dog." I was thrilled.

Thank you so much Bill for working with us, and giving us such a wonderful puppy. Blitzen will be well taken care of, loved forever, and we will do everything in our power to help him acheive a SchH3.

Thanks again for the wonderfully intelligent puppy.

Rick & Ellen Huber

For your records. This is CODA (Irsus-Sarina) at age 8 months old. We purchased him from you in Jan. He's been great, a little devil, but great.
Mike & Shana Aphessetche

Reference Photo - Thank You

 a message dated 9/23/2009 from kimlersue@gmail.com writes:
I am writing RE: my best friend, Lexie. Faith Alexia has "Seiko vom Fleischerheim" listed as her sire and Lena Vom Weissen Haus as her Dam. She was born 11/17/00. She was in a breeding program for awhile, but unproductive. My husband and I bought her about three years ago. She suffered a bout of closed
pyometria, but pulled through. The day after her return home, with 26 staples in her stomach she saved my life! I have been given A gift for helping recovering drug addicts. On this day Lexie and I had spent the night on the floor together, Her first night recovering at home. Needless to say I was extremely tired, I mistakenly let a man into my house who had had an huge set back and was using meth amphetamines. This drug is the worst of the worst. He demanded money and I was trying to think of what to do when Lexie, on her own, growled and crouched. He reached out to "make Friends" Lexie snapped the air, close enough to
show she meant business but clearly not to harm. Neither of us was in any doubt that the only option he had was to exit immediately. Lexie showed him the door, then laid in front of it until she heard his motor leave.
I could go on forever telling you story after story, but I would like to sum this letter up by just saying that her ability to understand, comprehend, and think on her own defied explanation. My Grandson said it best. "She's not a dog, there's a really smart person in there, or a Guardian Angel." I wanted you to know that for 3 years I had the honor of walking in this life with this remarkable Soul.
Just wanted you to know what a gift she was, and thank you.

Susan Kimler

a message dated 9/12/2009 from bridlevale@verizon.net writes:
Abbey earned her Canadian TD this Friday  and did a wonderful job

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 9/3/2009 from Miami4vice1@aol.com writes:
Dear Bill & Evy:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you both for doing an excellent job on your breeding the GSD'S.
Thanks for giving me the option,when purchasing one of your pups.
We picked up TASER, at Orlando airport on09/01/09.
Wow' What a good looking pup he is, He's everything I expected him to be.
I have owned several GSD'S in the past, but he is the best. 13 wks old and already knows how to sit and the best part, he doesn't whine at night.
If anyone wants a recommendation for your excellent puppies, they can contact me.

Jack Courtney
Retired Police Detective

a message dated 8/31/2009 from Odessa81 writes:
Hello Bill,

I recently bought a puppy from you(Voltan/Ursy male C), He is doing great, and he is amazing, I would certainly like for him to have future prospects.



a message dated 8/5/2010 from philpiro@gmail.com writes:

So good to write you once again, As you may recall I, our family, has
the honor of having VA Tuba von der Urbecke SchH3, Kkl 1a with us for her retirement.
She is doing well, loved and it seems like she has always been with
us. She especially loves laying in the shade and going to the park.

Best regards, Phil

a message dated 7/20/2009 from philpiro@gmail.com writes:
Oh Bill!  Tuba is absolutely so beautiful and very sweet! Nancy and my eldest son and I all met her at the airport.  She certainly does well with crates.  After her flights she was eager to do and go about her business.  She and I then drove down home.  We stopped a couple of times but other than sniffing and enjoying a few pats on the head she got into her crate and off we went.  We arrived Solvang about 2 hrs ago and are having fun exploring the house and yard and getting to know each other.  Looks like we have now settled down and found our spots.  I am in the family room emailing and Tuba found a spot by the side near the TV.  Hungry little girl - took her meds very well.  We  will have many more fun times getting to know each other and our family and "our new home."

Vet papers with rabies certificate all arrived.  I am assuming that her gait is secondary to the elbow surgery. How long ago did she have the chip removed? I can now see why you noted "backyard exercise."  I don't get the idea that she really understands that.  As we explored the front yard Tuba was eager to walk up the street; which we did for a bit- she responds well and actually led the way back to the house.  How am I going to deal with a GSD smarter than me?  :>)  I'll pretend I know what I am doing and she will just have to believe that - Bill, thank you ever so much.

Bless you sir; we will be in touch.

a message dated 7/11/2010 from sidpost@gmail.com writes:

I just want to take a moment and update you on "Buddy". He is very happy at my Mom's place in Oklahoma right now.

It took almost 15 minutes to train him to bring the ball back when we played fetch the first time. He has a very soft mouth and gives the ball up easily. House training took a little over 1 day. He follows me around like my shadow and when I'm not around, does the same for my Mom. He really loves lay down at the foot of couch I'm on and spread out on the nice cool tile floor at her place. At the end of this month, I will be moving into a house here in Alabama and Buddy will join me full time the first weekend I drive back to see my mom after that. Thank you for matching us up with Buddy, he is turning out to be a truly wonderful dog and companion.

Best Regards,

a message dated 7/14/2010 from ahd@satx.rr.com writes:
Dory already knows "sit," "down,"come" and "wait"...that is if she is not more interested in a cricket...but "leave it" is only respected about 75% of the time. Dory is always finding new things to check out. She is also reasonable on a leash, but still wants to check things out that interests her more but doesn't lunge. At this point she is primarily working for a treat or the anticipation of getting one, but I am seeing a good start on getting the "connection" that I want in my pups wherein they are working for me and not a treat. That will come at it takes some time to get it with any pup.  Dory is everything that I hoped that she would be in terms of temperament and intelligence...and she is beautiful.


a message dated 6/12/2010 from reza1234@aol.com writes:
Allie is more than I Could have dreamed for! She is awesome in every way! She is stunning gorgeous and the many vets she has seen say she is PERFECT in every way! She is fit and trim! Not a speck of fat anywhere! She eats all she wants and maintains a textbook weight and size at all times. She still has lots if growing to do- she is gaining
1-2 lbs every 7-10 days! Her coat is like silk-really amazing! Her markings are just what we wanted! Het markings are raved over by the numerous people we meet! Her eyes look into your soul and remind me of the incredible beauty of wolf eyes- filled with generations of excellent breeding, great instincts! She came fully loaded I have said from day 1. Her IQ is off the charts-a genius! Wow wow wow! Allie is a tribute to your breeding! I have had many of her trainers ask where they can get one just like her at any price! I give out your website info all the time! This is our 4th gsd and each one before was the top gsd! But Allie is in a class all her own! I thank you all so much! You made getting a puppy as easy as it could be... Even easier! Words cannot Express my sincere happiness with our gorgeous and very sweet, kind and very very loving Princess (Allie)! She has all the qualities that make gsd's outstanding! Everyone comments on Her great temperament. The vets said it is due to your proper care from birth thru 8 wks. They say you are doing everything right and more! Keep up your quality work and perfect handling of the newborn
pups! The credit is all yours! I have just fed, watered and loved her!
Thank you thank you thank you!

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 7/5/2009 from chrissmyth10@hotmail.com writes:
I hope the two years that have passed since we have last spoke have treated you well. I have moved from Vail, Co. to Up State New York outside of Ithaca.  A few nights ago I went to look at a Schutzhund club near my house. I have been driving by this farm for a few months now, and I am bored now that I live in rural NY so I looked this guy up and called him. He invited me to stop by. After we introduced each other he wanted to see my dog. The first words out of his mouth after he saw Abigail were, "where did you get your show dog?" I am thinking he was busting my chops a little. I explained that one of my friends fathers breeds dogs. He wanted a name, and I told him. After that he grumbled something and a few other people showed up. We did some obedience work, which is what I want to really get down. We did two tracking exercises, the dog and I have never done before that evening. Abby is a tracking machine! Then they moved into protection with a few of their dogs. He asked me if I wanted to put a big collar on Abby, he said it probably would not be necessary in the future because of her show lines and she would probably not be interested. He had a long stuffed tube like a sock in his hand and told me to hang on to Abby's leash and not move let her pull and bark. As soon as he raised his arm she was a barking snarling animal that shortly there after had this guys tool in her mouth. Again, she truly impressed all people in the field. All night long there was an undercurrent of conversation about Abby all around us, and everything else stopped when she was working, it was weird. What was even better was that everything she did, she did pretty well.  I obviously walked into this place with an animal of interest, one guy called two people to come over and look at the Fleischer Dog. The dog is MAGNIFICENT!!!!! It was an interesting night, and made me feel like giving you the heads up that some people in New York saw us and they were nothing but speechless when we left.  I think they wanted to razz us a little on the way out, but the only thing they said was see you next week. Sorry this letter is so long. I am happy that I have Abby, that is all. I attached 2 pictures so you can see what she looks like today.
Chris Smyth

a message dated 7/4/2009 from, knepshield@verizon.net writes:

Happy 4th of July to you guys and hope it is a great one. The pics are in the mail, you should have them by Tue or Wed next week. Most were taken in June but we will have some new ones later. Playboy is laying behind my chair now taking a little nap. Today we went out for about an hour and left him loose in the house for the first time. What a love he is and we feel we got the best dog for us. Thanks again, enjoy the pics, Ed and Judy

a message dated 6/13/2010 from kemurph@aol.com writes:

Thank you very much.  Words cannot express how much joy Bianca brings to Jim and I everyday. She is an incredible creature growing more beautiful and smarter everyday!


a message dated 6/28/2009 from knepshield@verizon.net writes:

Two months and counting with our dog. What a delight he has been and how much he has added to our lives. We were talking this morning how much he has given us and the joy he brings. It seems like we have had him much longer. Do you have a mailing address? We can send you some pictures. Hope all is well at the kennel. Take care and let us hear from you. Ed and Judy.

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 6/29/2009 from uvprinter1@att.net writes:
Bill and Evy,

As y'all well know Summer in Texas is really hot. Kaiser has found a way to keep cool in his back yard. He is also crazy about retrieving Tennis Balls. I have to keep a pretty good supply because he pops them pretty often. I am attaching a couple of pictures in case you are interested. Thanks again for your expertise!

Kelley H. Ball

a message dated 6/14/2009 from bmont21@verizon.net writes:

Bill & Evy,

We just wanted to say "Thank You" so much for the beautiful puppy we purchased from you from the February 10th litter (Voltan and Solana). She is WONDERFUL! We named her "Sadie". Our family loves her very much and she is a terrific dog!! She has formed quite a bond with our two other German Shepherds and seems to be a very happy puppy. We thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of her.

Thanks again!!-for everything,

The Mont Family
Annapolis, Maryland

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 6/1/2009 from y2knavy1@yahoo.com writes:
Bill and Evy,
Well as you can see in the pics, Omega (Meg for short) is doing great!  Kezio took an evening and morning to get introduced to her, but once the ice was broken, they have been inseparable. He loves to get a toy in his mouth and make her chase him.
We cannot tell you how impressed we are with her Just like Kezio, our expectations were certainly exceeded. She has an amazing temperament, very self confident and curious as a puppy should be. When we took her to the Pet Smart store, where they allow dogs, she quickly took charge like she owned the place. She made new friends, human and animal, and laid on the floor as people and dogs were walking around her and would go and introduce herself when someone interested. She was not the least bit skiddish! She loves attention from everyone and was obviously very well socialized. It is amazing to watch her pick up Kezio's big toys and carry them around like she was full grown. She even plays tug of war with him, and it amazing to see how gentle he is with her when they play. They are tiring each other out and then taking naps together.
     As you would expect, the visit to the Vet went very well and we got her immunized against Lyme disease and her heartguard and frontline etc..  We will let you know how things progress, but we are obviously off to a great start. Thanks again for what you guys do.

Kindest Regards,

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 5/30/2009 from nancyandskipdenicola@hotmail.com writes:
Dear Bill:
We purchased a male puppy (Rikkor v. Xami, September 23, 2003 litter) from you about 5.5 years ago.
In a word, Otto is wonderful ---- he is great looking, and fantastic with our three children (now 11, 9, and 5), and their friends. We live in CT, but travel often to Mass (about a 3 hour drive). We also visit my sister often, who breeds Labradoodles. Otto handles all of those situations with ease. My thought was to wait for another 8-12 months to purchase a second dog, but I was on your site, and saw that you had some dogs "on sale" and thought I would inquire.
We are looking for a puppy or young dog that is good with children and other pets. We would like the best quality (looking) dog that we can afford, but do not intend to breed it. I'm sure you have a number of pups that fit the bill, any specific suggestions?
"Toro" and the Vico x. Irina female pup are impressive!!! Would either work for us? Please send prices and your opinions. You certainly got it right with Otto!!!
Skip Denicola

a message dated 5/29/2009 from jccampbel@comcast.net writes:
Hi Mr & Mrs F,

Just a short note: our dog Marty v Fleischerheim, callsign Ed, (Hill X Wendy) continues to be an amazing animal. At age 4 1/2, he's beautiful, healthy and agile. He's also the only GSD we have owned that actually likes to swim. Our others would go in for a retrieve, or wade, but Ed actually cruses around our pond, splashing and seemingly
enjoying the entire experience. Thanks for a great animal. I thought of sending this when some friends asked me yesterday where they could find a quality GSD after seeing Ed's pictures. I referred them to your site. I'll send you a referral if they decide they're serious.

John Campbell

Looks like the photos of Mom

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 5/21/2010 from rogerschutt@comcast.net writes:
Dear Friends, I hope you're doing well. Can't tell you how delighted we are with Geo. We get compliments everywhere we go! He's a quick learner and loves to please. People will stop us and say...."I want a dog just like that".....it's a great compliment to your breeding program!.
Have a great day, Roger Schutt.

a message dated 5/18/2009 from ACaiola@bandlmanagement.com writes:
Hey Bill,
Just wanted to say hello and send you a few pics of the GS I purchased from you. His name is “Tomas Der Hampton Von Fleischerheim” He turned out beautiful.
Thank you
Alfred Caiola
B and L Management Co LLC
316 East 63rd Street Suite 1A
New York NY 10065

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 5/6/2010 from motherload3@aol.com writes:
Went to the vet today - everyone fawned all over Eros and told us how beautiful he was, how well he listened (he already knows his name, sit, come and down).  All our neighbors are shocked at how he stays with us sans a leash, doesn't chase the bus when the children get on and comes when I call him.  I am not surprised at all!  That's why we chose a good breeder.  
I'm reminded how many people have no clue about shepherds and why there was always such a fuss over Sinjin; most people have no experience with how fantastic these dogs really are.

We're so thrilled with him and I've been sharing your name with everyone who asks where we got such a great dog.

a message dated 4/24/2010 from t_wolford@columbus.rr.com writes:
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of the male puppy, Joachim (Jojo) and the female Antonina (Nina) that I acquired from you recently. These dogs are really impressive, they are extremely intelligent, have great temperaments, and get along great with each other. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical about purchasing a dog over the internet, however, I am extremely glad that I did.
I am extremely happy with both dogs and have bonded with them both.  Jojo and Nina have acclimated and are in great health and eating well, they’ve adjusted to Orijen dry food and Wellness canned foods, and treats.  These dogs are everything you and your wife advised. If in the future you need a reference in this area, or someone would like to see a couple of your dogs, feel free to contact me. 
Thanks for everything, Tim

Reference Photo - Thank You

Hope you and your family are doing well. This is Gus and his favorite person Chelsea this afternoon. There was a huge dog walk to benefit service dogs and the whole family participated. 
It is hard to believe that Gus is almost a year old!!!  Not sure where the time has gone... We will be starting tracking basics this summer. We think Gus will really enjoy that. 

Take care,
The Acosta family

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 3/16/2009, bridlevale@verizon.net writes:
Well, another fun afternoon and Abbey is certainly a keeper. She is adorable. And likes other dogs and people so that is good. Likes men so Mr. D. is safe - well now anyway. She may change her mind about him when she gets older!!

Reference Photo - Thank You


We are in love with "Bella" and she is such a happy dog. She is potty trained and sleeping through the night in her crate. My children love her and she is their constant companion ( but only when what I am doing is boring to her.) She is even good friends with the cat after only a couple of days. Thanks again for helping me find the perfect dog for me and my family. We could not be more pleased.



Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 3/16/2009
Hi Bill,

The puppy is working out great! I get compliments everyday about how
handsome he is. He is also the most obedient dog I have ever spent
time with. I am very happy.


a message dated 2/3/2009 from rjeffries@riverview.org writes:
Bill & Evy

I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoy the pup we picked up from Jay & Jennifer Jennings
on January 16, 2009. We have taken her with us to show her to friends and family and everyone is amazed at how sweet and lovable she is. Bella seems to love everyone she meets and show good manners when in public.
Within the first week we took her to have the micro chip in place at a County wide event sponsored by our local Humane Society and we received compliments on how well behaved she was. We are very pleased with how she
has adapted to our family in such a short time and how well she has done with house breaking training.

I have to give credit to Jay & Jennifer for her good manners and house break training they did with her prior to
our purchase of her. Jennifer has answered all my e mail questions promptly and makes me feel like part of
their family. The continued support from all of you , makes me glad that I found your web site and chose to
purchase from your Kennels. A special thank you to Evy for her patience with me on the phone.

Bob & Lisa Jeffries
Atlanta, Indiana

a message dated 1/28/2009 from Victoria.Booth@McKesson.com writes:
Hello Evy,  
We are totally in love with Miss Lia and thought we would share some photos for you to enjoy. Our boy, BlackJack is getting used to her and her ears are starting to go up.  
Victoria Booth

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 1/11/2009 from FKTD83A writes:

Re: Ola vom Mittenhauser Hof


I got a new camera from Larry and tried it out on Ola today, throwing the ball on the tennis court (her favorite activity, requested for 15 minute intervals five to ten times daily, besides her other physical activities). I tried to catch her in the air, catching a ball; not as fast as her. Best I could do was getting her jumping to catch a ball going towards the grass.

These five shots show a happy dog in her backyard with her ball....and a consequently very happy owner. Thank you.


Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 1/6/2009 from hurst2matrx writes:
Just a few pics of Tac when he was brought home and where he is today. He is a loved member of the family. Thank You.

Joey Moore

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 12/26/2008
Nice talking with you. Here is a picture of my Quenn / Isa Puppy. His name is Murdock. The picture was taken end of Summer. I will email a more current photo soon.
- Adam

Reference Photo - Thank You

a message dated 12/29/2008
Hi Bill
Just wanted you to know that Jimmy has earned his first Title in Rally Novice, at the Greater Miami Dog Show on  Dec 5,6,7th 2008 so he is now James Joseph Vom Fleishcherheim R.N.. He is such a wonderful Dog trains very well, even thou he has such a very high drive,and my last German Shepherd Dog was not as driven as he is. I have had him looked at by a Professional  handler who shows German Shepherd's , who thinks we have a good chance ,with him showing at All Breed Show's, to try and obtain his championship Title. So I am now attending, Conformation Classes to get him ready to show hopefully by the march shows.  
Sincerely Yours
Pat O'Callaghan


This is his first winter. You said a good dog knows when to turn it on and off with Flash vom Fleischerheim its Schutzhund during the day and helping Santa at night. He got a lot of attention from all ages at Petsmart today after our Schutzhund training. Hope you enjoy the picture. 

We wish you and your family a very happy Holiday Season.

Best Regards;

Bill H

Reference Photo - Thank You

Bill and Evy I just wanted to let you know that are puppy is doing great. he is growing every day. He is a handsome boy and has great temperament and a great personality.He is  everything you said he would be and more Thank You for everything Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year I will get in touch, when I'm ready for my next one Trish

a message dated 10/30/2008 from y2knavy1@yahoo.com writes:
Hey guys,
Sorry we haven't written sooner, but we've been pretty busy. We just wanted to drop you a quick note with some pics to let you know how Kezio has been doing. Firstly, he has been a fantastic addition to our family! What a wonderful dog he has turned out to be. We have had several GSDs as well as other breeds, but he is by far, the best dog we have ever had. He has been an ideal match for us and our lifestyle.
He has been going to obedience classes and we are looking for his BH after the new year, then we begin either Schutzhund or possibly SAR training. He is so eager to please, loving, perfectly housetrained, obedient, non destructive, great sense of humor and very intelligent. He comes with us whenever possible and we even took him to the mountains (pics attached) to a cabin that allows dogs. He must have some labrador in him, because he loves water. He had an absolute blast. He has not only met, but far exceeded our expectations. He is always happy to be with us and knows when it is time to relax or time to play. His temperament is absolutely amazing.  It just doesn't get better than this! He is very well exercised daily and loves chasing deer and rabbits (He wouldn't know what to do if he actually caught one hahaha). He can be slightly dog aggressive, but getting better. He even plays on the playground climbing the jungle gym, through the tubes and going down the slides. Overall his instincts are reflective of the positive qualities that we hoped for in a quality GSD.
We can't thank you all enough for what you do. He is truly a member of our family and loving his life with us and is very healthy and happy. Take care and enjoy the photos.

Kindest Regards,

a message dated 7/29/2008 from ted@whitecaprealestate.com writes:

He checked out well yesterday at the VET. We had hips x-rayed and they looked good also more then 50% in socket as she wanted. What a super temperament and he is as confident as a puppy can be.   We are very pleased and would highly recommend you as the GSD breeder of choice. It made us feel very good when the VET said she grew up with GSD show dogs and she was amazed just how perfect he was.

Thank you.    

Ted F. Thomsen

a message dated 8/2/2008

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU"
We are extremely happy with our Filou. He has grown to be big and beautiful - just as you advertised him. His color is absolutely gorgeous, body structure is awesome, and he's got such a great personality! And....I think he's smarter than me! 

I highly recommend you to others. You're trustworthy and produce excellent dogs.


Carol Jensen

a message dated 7/4/2008
Hi Mr. Fleischer:

Happy 4th of July to yourself and your family. I wanted to send you a couple of photos of the beautiful puppy from Camille's and Vito's litter from last year. Her name is Mika and she is a fabulous dog. She is the image of her sire Vito. Thanks again for sending her to us. Ann Hodkinson

Reference Photo - Thank You

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