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Please send us photos of your puppies and adult dogs so that we can share them with others. We love to see how they are doing.
Thank you.

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Below are References from Fleischerheim German Shepherd Puppy Customers

A message from Dunne, Catherine <dunnec@hra.nyc.gov> dated December 31, 2014





KITTY AND MY MISS OONAMOONA BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A message from Nicoline Lee <nvleemd@gmail.com> dated December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas Evy and Bill and family!
We LOVE our dog! This is our third Fleischerheim German Shepherd and our "Best In Show" by far!

Wow! She is so smart and beautiful! She is a little angel. We are so grateful for our little girl. We just feel so privileged to have a dog of this quality. The breeding, intelligence, and temperament are beyond reasonable belief for a family dog. We just love this dog!
Honestly, we paid a little more for a completely Fleischerheim bred puppy and it was more than worth that price! Great little gal and far too good for a family dog but that is just fine.
We will spoil her for life and treat her like a Queen and she will never work a day really except to bring so much happiness to a family who admires and respects an animal of this quality.

Thank You Evy and Bill for dedicating your Lives to bringing German Blood Lines to America and restoring the reputation of a Noble Breed, the Best and original domesticated Dog, the Red and Black German Shepherd.
God Bless You and maybe our THIRD isn't our last Fleischerheim Dog!
Let's go to Germany together someday!
We pray that your business will prosper so people who really care about this breed in America can support your mission.

Doctors Nicoline (Nicolena Jensen) and Richard (Christiansen) Lee
and Richard, William, and James Lee
and HEIDI von Fleischerheim (8 weeks)
and Blitzen von Fleischerheim (13 years)
(In loving Memory of Primo ((what can we say, he really was "top quality!")) von Fleischerheim, a loyal companion and friend, May he Rest In Peace.)

Christmas, 2014

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from DukeysMom <DukeysMom@aol.com> dated December 26, 2014

Morning Bill....

and she certainly is SASSI!!!!!!

GREAT temperament......friendly, outgoing, fearless,curious about everything........Little Miss Piranha Mouth!!!! She is about 27 lbs. now....growing like a weed.....BEAUTIFUL as you can see!

Just thought I would give you an update.......hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Take care - have a Happy Healthy 2015!


Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Steven Brod <sb@crystalusa.com> dated December 15, 2014

Subject: 5 Months and doing Great!!! Thanks!!

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Misty Harrelson <mistyh1@me.com> dated December 3, 2014

Hi Bill,

I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the Holiday Season! I purchased
a long haired Female German from you in October of this year.. "Ben-Deja", aka
("ELSA") and WE LOVE HER!!!!.. THANK YOU! We can't get enough compliments on
her! Everyone has been so intrigued by her demeanor and temperament. She is
WITHOUT a doubt, still acting out her "German puppy demeanor", ..aka.. EATING
and playing "ball" with my Christmas Tree decorations! ...but, so is the cat and
we love them both...I may get mad as "heck", but I love them!

Thank you!!

Misty Harrelson
Charlotte, NC

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated November 19, 2014
Subject: Traveling

She is so good with grand kids , just easy going they're all over her and she loves
it. Such a good dog and friend

A message from Ricardo <ricardo1x1x@gmail.com> dated November 8, 2014

Hey Bill,

I thought I would give you an update on the puppy you sold me. By the way, I decided to call him Yuyo, (Pronounced: Shoo´shoh.) In Argentinean slang it means ‘bad weed’.

He is absolutely fantastic: in the first week he already learnt his name, he also learnt the ‘here’ and ‘sit’ commands. He also started going to the crate by himself when I sit down to work. In the second week he learnt the ‘platz’ command. And (I’m not a hundred per cent sure) but I think he is already becoming house trained --at least we have not had an accident since Tuesday; when we go for a walk he chooses the grass to release himself.

When I take him for a walk downtown he causes a commotion: it takes me an hour to do two blocks because everybody stops me and asks me if they can pat him. People even cross the street just to pat him, and he got about three or four pictures taken from absolute strangers. So he is very socialised already. As you can see in one of the pictures: he got tired of walking and had to carry him.

As you can see in the pictures, he also got quite big. When he came he was 15 lbs; now he is 25 lbs.
But most importantly: he is an absolutely adorable and happy guy. As my daughter said: ‘he is everything you could ask for in a puppy’.

Once again, thank you so much.

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Laurie Hutchinson <abundant-sunshine@hotmail.com> dated Novomber 6, 2014
Subject: RE: Puppy wanted. :)

Dear Bill. In 2005 we purchased a wonderful pup from you. We called him, Buddy. Sadly we had to say good bye to our dear friend a year or so ago. My husband the other day mentioned he'd like to have another, and seeings we had such a great experience with Buddy we wanted to see what you may have available. We had gotten Buddy for a family pet only in whom was an awesome protector and friend to us and also our children and grand children. He was big and beautiful and people commented all the time about how beautiful he was. So we are checking to see what you may have again. Was wondering how much Bachus and Emma's pup is. (Great family dog). We would love another big one with lots of the beautiful red like Buddy was. Thank you. I'll be in touch.
Wow. I was looking at your dads (*ads) , and V Ken vom Rosenblick looks just like our Buddy did. Big, beautiful animal.

I forgot to write my name on the first sent.
Laurie Hutchinson from Maine.

From: abundant-sunshine@hotmail.com

Subject: Puppy wanted. :)

A message from Bart Graf <bgraf@integrationpartners.com> dated November 4, 2014

HI Bill,

I hope all is well…once again, thank you for Franjo, he’s proven to be an amazing dog!

Quick question, you have a beautiful new male listed on your site named Demir…what is your asking price, just curious?


A message from Steven Brod <sb@crystalusa.com> dated November 3, 2014

Subject: Getting bigger and doing great

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Boris <borisp@sbcglobal.net> dated October 24, 2014

Hello Bill.

First of all. Our puppy, we have got from you couple weeks ago (male from Nero,
born on July 24) doing great.


A message from ESI Louisiana <bill@esilouisianallc.com> (Cc: 'Glynna Chapman' <gchapman56@gmail.com>) dated October 20, 2014


We had a great trip home and she did better than we expected. She is adapting well and seems to be very content and happy. She is a beautiful puppy and thanks for all the work and dedication that you do with these great animals. I am taking her to the vet this afternoon and will forward her health report to you as soon as I have it.

Respectfully yours,

Bill Chapman
Educational Services LLC
Baton Rouge, LA 70819

A message from Jeff Hamm <jlhamm@comcast.net> dated October 20, 2014

Hi Bill,

Thanks, it came thru fine.

Cannot tell you how pleased we are with Thor! He is sitting with me beside my desk right now. The smartest dog we have ever had. Look forward to many pleasant years of companionship.

Pleasure doing business with you.



A message from Bo Fisher <Bo@FisherAutoParts.com> dated October 12, 2014

Hello Bill-

I’m sorry to let you know that ISO vom Rader Kreuz SchH3 passed away several weeks ago. We purchased him from you when he was almost 6. He was a fantastic dog, the entire family was emotional over his loss which came after an extended battle with kidney failure. We walked every day and he got along great with our entire family, other pets and neighbors. He was the best and followed me around everywhere.


Bo Fisher

A message from Cindy Kennedy <cindyk@colonialsavings.com> dated September 26, 2014
Subject: Our new pup Ellie

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new puppy, Ellie. She went to the vet on Monday and all looks good.

She’s doing great potty training. Very playful and very smart! She is a very spunky little pup. I think she has an “Alpha” personality! I thought maybe she would be sad at first after leaving her Mom and siblings but she never showed any signs at all of stress.

Thank you so very much for our new family member!

Cindy Kennedy

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated September 12, 2014

Luci in USC Hosp. Always covers my back when we are in unfamiliar location.

Always alert sees everything

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Russell Becker <russ@beckreit.com> dated September 6, 2014

Bill - I doubt the you will remember us (Russ and Delea Becker - Austin Texas)...we bought a male puppy from you 12 years ago. Sinn Becker.

Sinn was put down today, he had bladder cancer. We had the best 12 years with Sinn, very hard to accept he is gone. Sinn grew up with our first son Hiatt, and then for the past 7 years with our second son Crockett. Crockett has never slept in his bed alone. Since the day he moved into a "big bed" Sinn has been at the foot of it. There was never a family picture taken when Sinn was not in front and center. We took Sinn swimming one last time this am at the lake (Lake Austin)...as always folks commented on what a fine dog we had. Until his final hour Sinn was a true friend and partner. The finest dog that I have ever known.
Keep up the good work.

Russell M. Becker

A message from j.e. Graham <tbarhranch@gmail.com> dated September 6, 2014.

I have absolutely no business asking.......but I can't resist and I will ask anyway.
How will the Ben x Quarina litter be priced?
Will any of the older Voltan daughters come up for sale?
My Zoee (x Ober) is simply fabulous!! She is incredibly smart and beautiful!
I absolutely adore her!

Jo Graham

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated September 5, 2014

Me, luci, my niece, and her school friends.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated September 2, 2014

On mainland again,  Luci is such a good dog I brag on her more then I did on my kids. Just amazing this dog in every way
Such a good girl on plane and today we have been at hospital 6 hrs and she has been again so good,
Bro in law had surg, all went well. Oh after we got off plane passengers kept coming up to us to tell us what a good dog we had.  She is amazing thank you so much.

A message from carole bolan <bridlevale@verizon.net> dated September 1, 2014
Subject: Senta

This is a photo of Senta with her 4th place in Novic Rally. She is a great little dog,  Carole

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Ashley <ashley_28_k@yahoo.com> dated August 30, 2014
Subject: Puppy for companion only

Bill, We purchased a pup from you in 2000 and just lost her at almost 14 years of age.  My heart is grieving terribly for her. She was incredible and my best friend.  I know she will never be replaced but I need to fill the void and emptiness left in our home. I've been looking at your website. I know your prices have increased since 2000 but are there any female companion pups available at any discounted rates?  My cell phone number is 214-***-****.  Any guidance you could offer is greatly appreciated. This is being sent from my daughters IPad and her email address which is fine to use. My name tho is Cindy Kennedy. Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Cindy

A message from Clint Rozzi <crozzi80@gmail.com> dated August 21, 2014

Hi Bill,

I'm very happy to hear that. I was going to write you and let you know we absolutely love are new dog. He is exactly what we were looking for, smart, great looking, and we can't walk 50ft without someone giving us a compliment. Thanks for all your help, and don't be surprised if I get another one from you in a couple years. I hope all is well with your family.

A message from Daniel Ontiveros <danielo@grupommex.com> dated July 19, 2014 5:24 pm

Hi Evy,
Odan is doing very well, it's a little hot for him but he spends all day in the AC house, he is already potty trained, did you guys do that.? He always wakes me when he needs to go. I just love him, he's great.

Thank you

Daniel Ontiveros
Grupo Ontiveros de Mexico

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated August 15, 2014

Luci traveled well again. Just wants a Mai tai and get home

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Joan <joanmann@bellsouth.net> dated August 10, 2014
Subject: Placing an older GSD in good home

Hi Bill,
Ken Krefetz is a longtime family friend with whom we recently had the pleasure of his visiting our home in FL.  We met (and of course fell in love with Remo).  We have been GSD owners for 20 years, and I grew up with them.  We lost our last one a year ago, and haven't been able to afford a puppy to be Schutzhund trained.  Also, we are in our 70's and an older dog is probably more practical.  Kenny said that occasionally you are in a position to place an older GSD in a good home.  We are applying for the honor (especially if it is one of your dogs!) of being considered a good home in which you place a GSD.  We can certainly afford to take good care of him, pay expenses and if there is a fee to you we are happy to pay it if we can!
Thank you for your time, as well as for your incredible contributions to the world of GSD's!
Hope to hear from you,
Joan and Larry Adelman

A message from Jen May <jenkmay74@gmail.com> dated August 10, 2014
Subject: Bowman puppy pictures

Hi. Sending you a picture of the puppies we got from you. They are wonderful dogs.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Bill Chapman <bill@esilouisianallc.com> dated August 4, 2014


It was great meeting you the other day. Glynna and I were certainly impressed with your facilities and the beautiful puppies as well as the dads and moms. If we decide to do this I will be in touch as soon as possible. Just for clarification, we want a female.

Have a great day and you folks are doing a fantastic job with your firtst class operation.

Respectfully yours,

Bill Chapman
Baton Rouge, LA

A message from Kate Knocke-melis <anirikm@yahoo.com> dated July 24, 2014
Subject: Zibu

Hi! It's Kate, and the people who got Zibu :) just wanted to let you know he is
doing fantastic, and is incredibly well behaved dog. I am very very pleased with
him as he is just a wonderful dog. He loves being taken down to the neighborhood
park and going for car rides to places, I know a man at a donut shop who allowed
me to bring Zibu in and he behaved so well! He just sat behind my chair the
entire time watching other people come and go, never made a peep. Well just
wanted to update you :) and let you know he's doing really well, thank you for
your time and thank you for Zibu :)

A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated July 24, 2014

Hi Bill,
It's Arleen Annaian. Our Axel is 2 now and sooo beautiful. His intelligence
and companionship is amazing. We have enjoyed every minute and thank you so
much for his special breeding. Our other shepherd is 13 1/2 and we would like to
prepare ourselves for the future. I see Ken has new puppies (with Hanka) and am
thinking of purchasing one. We would prefer a male, but would not be showing or
breeding. Ken is Axel's father too. We purchased Axel for $2500. Is there a
chance to keep the price the same? I would want the pup in August, as we would
be on vacation till then. Hoping!

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Leslie <leslieober@yahoo.com> dated July 22, 2014
Subject: Rikka

Finally got her results back she is A fast normal hips, A normal elbows. She is
training hard will go for her BH & AD in October then we will focus on her IPO

Thanks again for having such great dogs that produce such quality pups. We are
thrilled with how she is doing.

Bob & Leslie Ober

A message from Vincent Clark <vince.p.clark@hotmail.com> dated June 27, 2014


Good morning, Tyra arrived safe and sound. I was expecting her to be shy at first, that was not the case. Tyra met us with the joy and exuberance of a puppy. What a gentle, sweet loving girl. She took to my daughters immediately and they to her. She is even more beautiful than her photos.

Thank you so much.


A Message from John Campbell <jccampbel@comcast.net> dated June 23, 2014

Hi Bill,

Hope you and Mrs Fleischer are doing well. Just thought I would drop you a note
about our Hanno x Deja male, call sign Jack. He's big, very tall, very long and
beautiful. We're keeping him thin, right at 71 pounds. He's a
dominant male, but not so naturally aggressive as Ed (Marty) was. He's not afraid of much either,
but generally is more neutral rather than aggressive when facing other dogs and
people. His posture and stance look dominant in those situations, but I think he
has not yet matured either. At 16 months, he still has some sexual and
personality growing up to do. While still a small puppy, Ed was protective and
very aggressive with people. Jack is friendly with everyone, although alert and
watchful, and barks at strangers. He goes right on a bite sleeve with no
hesitation, confident, a very nice dog. He is constantly in motion, and
extremely athletic, beautiful to watch when he's running.

I should mention he is also extremely bright, one of those clever, calculating
dogs who watches everything and thinks. He can open every door in the place in
either direction, including the dead bolt locks. My work dog was like this. He
will sit and watch what we do, and then try things himself, until he hits on the
right combination. Which, of course, can be trouble when under-supervised. He
will push things if we don't stay on him. But we're used to this.

His OB is perfect as soon as he realizes it's work time. He distracts easily if
you don't demand his attention, as he notices everything in the environment. All
in all, a really great family dog, plus I have hopes he will discover his inner
GSD as he matures.

Oh, a definite food reward animal. Unusual in our German Shepherds.

So, thank you for another wonderful dog. We couldn't live without these great

John Campbell

A message from Christian Moraru <c_moraru@uncg.edu> dated June 8, 2014
Subject: Hans's 3rd birthday

Hi, Evy

Hi, Larry

Hans Moraru (born Fleischerheim 3 years ago) has his birthday today. Big bash at the house! Pics have been taken a few min. ago.

Have a great summer,

Professor of American Literature and Critical Theory
Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro
Dept. of English, 3143 MHRA
1111 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27412

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Jeff Paul <jcpaul@thomasjpaul.com> dated June 16, 2014

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help and understanding with Jessica and Brian. It was a difficult situation. Your solution worked out for the best because you are the best there is. Eli and Kane are getting along very well.
Thanks again. I don't have many heroes but you are definitely one of them

Jeffrey Paul

A message from Martinez, Maegan <maegan.martinez@ttu.edu> dated June 9, 2014 2:41
Subject: Thanks for our baby!

I'm not sure if you remember who we are but, we met you to buy one of your German Shepherd puppies. We were the ones who were there at 7 am! Haha. I just thought I would send you a picture of Axo! He is our whole world! Thanks again!

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Brian Clark <BClark@peterseninvestments.com> dated June 9, 2014

Bill. Checking in to let you know Dallas has been a great addition to our family
this past year. Thank you again! Brian Clark

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated May 24, 2014

Day at Volcano Park with Luci.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from David Menshik <rancher1147@yahoo.com> dated May 22, 2014

She arrived safely and when we walked back in the cargo area I could tell which
case she was in. The cage was rocking and rolling She wanted out and she is very
She is potty trained and very spoiled. But that's great. Thanks a lot she is a
great little kid. When can I give her
Frontline and heartguard ?
I did get the shot records. Thank you so much she is a very well-trained little
kid, but she talks too much.


A message from Cristina Rodriguez <cristinarodriguez958@yahoo.com> dated May 21, 2014

Hi Bill. I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy and also my children with the puppy we decided to name her after her mother. My husband got in love with your German Shepherd dogs, that he told he want to save up money for another puppy.. just that we live in the city and we are not allowed to have more then one dog in our home. Thank you so much. Cristina

A message from Dan <dan@xpressguns.com> dated May 21, 2014

Morning Evy,

I just wanted to drop you a line and send you some pics of Emma. She is the best! She was house trained in two days and after a month sleeps up stairs with me. She is extremely smart and usually catches on to different commands after only one lesson.

I have not yet once introduced her to someone and not heard “ she is the most beautiful GSD I have ever seen”!

I just had her spayed last week and she acted like nothing ever happened. As you can see by the pics, she has made this her home and is very comfortable (sleepy) and is very protective, even at this young age.

I am 110% satisfied and would be willing to give Fleischerheim’s  a recommendation anytime.

Hope all is well in your life!


Dan Hebert

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Karen <klmlady1225@gmail.com> dated May 20, 2014

A Thank you for our Beautiful,Intelligent,delightful, German Shepard Kids.
All 3 are quite spoiled.
In there training They have developed into very well behaved,well mannered Dogs.

They Love playing with my Grand kids. Yet Very Protective of them.
Thank you again for Having the best breed and all you do for them and us

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated May 11, 2014

Luci on Waikiki beach. Living the good life.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Carole Bolin <bridlevale@verizon.net> dated May 7, 2014

Senta on Rock

a very nice pup ! Carole

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur lehr <alehr034@aol.com> dated May 1, 2014
Subject: Luci


Luci is doing good, she dose not ask for much, always by my side or has eye
contact with me, she always has to know where I'm at.

But she really doesn't need anymore training she knows what to do and when to do
it. so low key, Like a body guard that's in the back ground always watching. Very
good on plane , airport or anyplace i take here.

She will not bark at dogs even if there in her face barking she just looks at
them as to say you stupid dog., but every now and again she will alert on a dog
and its impressive, also with so people, she will alert and keep he eyes on them
till there out of site or I guess feels they are no longer a thereat.

In closing want to say Luci is the best and soooo good with kids, I always know
she will be well mannered in public,
nothing bothers her, unless you bother me.

Thanks so much,
Art and Luci

A message from dkenron <dkenron@ymail.com> dated April 29, 2014
Subject: Re: Ken-Deja Male Puppy

Hello Bill and Evy
We would like to thank you again for our wonderful family addition. He fits right in and is such a proud dog. We have had people stop traffic just to ask where can they get a German Shepherd like ours. We absolutely LOVE our dog. We will be in touch with you about trying to become part of you team to help continue such a well established German Shepherd. Here are a few pictures.

Ken & Shada - Arizona

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Lawrence Rowe <lawrencerowe@msn.com> dated April 28, 2014
Subject: RE: Fleischerheim Guarantee and Sale Agreement -- Ken-Deja Ultimate Male A

Hello Bill,

Axel, from the general consensus, is special. Really extraordinary. I just sit back and am amazed at how discerning he is. We're thrilled.

Thank you,


A message from Mike Yates <myates@frankrimerman.com> dated April 25, 2014 11:49

Hi Bill, Max is now 2.5 years old and is just a fabulous pet/dog/buddy. He gets
about 10 compliments a day about how Beautiful he is.

Thank you for a great buddy!

Best regards,
Mike Yates

A message from karen <klmlady1225@gmail.com> April 4, 2014

my beautiful Sheba . She is my precious girl.

Jacksonville, FL

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from karen <klmlady1225@gmail.com> dated April 2, 2014

She is such a sweet girl
Middleburg, Florida

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from John Durham <jpd23@mindspring.com> April 2, 2014

Hi Bill,

Hope that you are well. Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with
Kidon (formerly little Zibu). If you recall, one of my major concerns about
purchasing a gsd was how it would interact with our small dogs (3 Pomeranians
and 2 King Charles Cavaliers). Well, there was a short adjustment period where
Kidon had to learn the degree of his own strength and power but now they all
live together in harmony and are even playmates and friends!

The picture below is of Kidon and our Pomeranian, Vanessa. As you can tell,
Kidon really does care for her and is her protector! He is really an incredibly
sweet and smart dog. Of course, when any stranger enters on to our property his
deep bark and guard instincts would make any person with a single brain cell
stop in their tracks. What an awesome combination!

His 1 year birthday is on April 15th and I look forward to many more great years

Thank you!

John Durham
Philadelphia, PA

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Ma Consolacion Arreglado <chona.arreglado@gmail.com> dated March 30, 2014
Subject: Fero (son of Nero and Yasmin)

Hi Bill,

I just want to share these photos with you. These were taken 4 days after we
brought him home. He’s a very intelligent puppy! Mom and I are very happy. How
can you not love this guy?

We went to Petsmart and Petco and brought him with us. People approached us and
hug him saying we have a gorgeous dog! Even the groomer commented in his report
that Fero is a “very beautiful dog”!

Thanks again.

Maria Arreglado (Dallas Texas)

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Corinne Cort <corinnecort@me.com> dated March 28, 2014


We've just received the registration paper for Apache Chief. We've noticed that his "official" name must start with a F. We'll send the paper today.

Apache Chief is beautiful, we are constantly stopped by people asking about him. He is also a very social dog who loves people and especially kids! We have so much fun with him!
He has been to obedience school and has learned a lot. He is a vigorous 52 pounds puppy who is always hungry!

Thank you again for the papers and all the advices you have so kindly provided!
Very best regards,

Corinne and Gary Cort

Here, he is on my lap (he is still a cuddly puppy!)
In the backyard this morning, I could not have him stand in his "GSD" position...

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Helen <helenmwatts@aol.com> dated March 22, 2014


The puppy arrived safely. Thank you. He is doing well and seems to be fitting in well with our other shepherds. He is gorgeous. He has his vet appointment in Tuesday which meets the 96 hour window we agreed upon for his check up.

I will send photos later.

Helen Watts
Los Angeles, CA

A message from Randy Brown <Randy@soundproofwindows.com> dated Mar 14, 2014
Subject: Ferris - Thank you

Received the paperwork and check today.
Thank you very much.

Please feel free to use me as a reference - any time.
We are exceptionally happy with Ferris (Zack) and think he is a superb GSD.
We can attest that you stand behind your dogs and that they are a great value.
Also, if you find negative things on the internet or similar and want someone to
counter their BS - let us know and we will offer defensive opinions on that website, etc.

Again, Thank you and please do come see us the next time you come to Reno!!

Randy Brown

A message from Norman Forrester <normanavecbill@aol.com> dated Mar 14, 2014
Subject: Hanna arrived

Dear Bill

She is gorgeous and will be cherished

Thank you


A message from Mary Bino <marybino@sbcglobal.net> dated March 3, 2014

Hi Bill, my name is Mary Bino.  Me, my mom (Dana Vincent), and step dad purchased
Brixi (we tried to rename her but nothing ever stuck) from you in December of
2012.  I just wanted to tell you that we love love love her. :) She's so good
with my three little girl who are 7, 6, and 5. I've attached some photos of
her.  Thank you so much for doing business with us.  She is such a blessing.

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Robert Johnston <robertj@consolidated.net> dated March 1, 2014
My dog is doing great. I have never seen a GS so happy! I just love these real black & reds.
Happy trails,
Robert Johnston

A message from kt brooks <ktibrooks22@gmail.com> dated Feb 28, 2014 11:13

Isla. Great dog. We are top in obedience class. Ha!

KT Brooks

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Mark Hagopian <Chaosdog1@verizon.net>  dated Feb 22, 2014

Hi Bill,
I thought you might enjoy this picture of Noah at one of my job-sites. This is
what I saw when I looked out the window of the bathroom I was remodeling.
Apparently he preferred the cushion on the table to his bed on the ground. We're
so attached to him- what a wonderful animal. Ken/Hannah Oct. 19 ,2012. Hope all
is well in your neck of the woods.
Mark and Joanna

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Karen Knobler <kfk537@sbcglobal.net> dated Feb 18, 2014

Hi Bill-

Does Magnus look like he's being spoiled at all? ; )
Karen Knobler

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Fox And Hound <rworrall@fhrg.com> dat4d Feb 3, 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for such a great pup. Dez is doing great and growing like a weed!
Thanks again!

Rob Worrall
Managing Partner
Fox and Hound

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A message from Michelle Simmons <mlsimmons88@gmail.com> dated January 26, 2014


Just wanted to update you on how Loki was doing. He is so sweet and absolutely beautiful! Everyone comments on him. I included a couple of recent pictures of him. Thank you so much for a great dog! Also, I plan on neutering him when he gets old enough but I would still like to register him. I didn't know how this works or if I can. Just let me know.


Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from l.blackwood <l.blackwood@aol.com> dated January 25, 2014

Hi - hope this arrives to find you both in the best of health and spirits.

My princess just amazes me more and more on a daily basis. She is definitely a Mama’s girl! On my own she has already mastered a great sit/stay, down/stay - heels beautifully, I’ve been using all German commands, even german praise words for good girl, my pretty girl, etc. this week she learned :gipp foot (sound translation) for give me your paw in german, she can curtsy and get ready to say her prayers. I am hoping to test her shortly for the AKS Good Citizen’s award, which deam sure she will ace.

Reagan is such an exceptional dog, I plan to take her all the way - once she gets a bit older - I Know she will love Agility. She has several girl friends (our neighbors) and they run/play together every day. I have begun taking her everywhere and walking her into stores like she belongs there, and she is so well behaved no one has questioned it. I w she is a natural for a therapy dog, and then I can literally take her everywhere with me

Lorraine Blackwood - Florida

A message from Dr. Corinne Cort <corinne@exxeos.com> dated Jan 24, 2014

Dear Bill,

We followed your recommendation and we've been successful switching Apache Chief to Victor Joint Formula. He loves this formula. We've treated his loose stool as you suggested and he is doing great!

He is a very smart young puppy, his training is going so well. He is very social in any situations and extremely playful. Everybody meeting him is so favourably impressed with his beauty and attitude!

Because we are not interested in breeding and we think it would be safer for Chief, we plan to neuter him. What are your thoughts on neutering our male GSD and what would be the best age for Chief to be neutered?

We really appreciate your advices as we want to do the right things with our puppy.
Thank you so much!!

Corinne and Gary Cort - Arizona

A message from Sam and Diana Johnson <shadiacr@q.com> Jan 23, 2014

He is such a good boy, he and Kira get along great. They both rode together in the back seat of the pickup truck today for the first time and while Kira has always been a good rider, Tex was the same. I have to say, they do take up the whole back seat! He is learning to love playing ball and today we tried him on the agility tunnel. That is going to take some work but not bad for a first. Open-mouthed smile He is such a lover and loves being hugged. He is good when getting his nails trimmed but bath time with a hose is still a challenge. Since our house dogs get a bath about every 10 days or when they start to smell “doggy” he will get used to it!

We are very happy with him, love his personality and his overall beauty. He turned a couple of heads today at the Vet’s. Thanks for the opportunity to own my dream “Fleischerheim” dog. It only took 40 years but good things are worth waiting for!!Winking smile

Diana & Sam - Arizona

A message from Elaine Ross <rossgs@shaw.ca> dated Jan 23, 2014

Hi Bill,

He is really cute and looks very nice. I just can't do anymore right now.

Patsy has really come to life and is very strong! Strong willed too. She is sure pretty. Love the type and am so thankful to have a Ken daughter. She wants to do everything her way which is going to take some time. I don't ever give up; just wear out sometimes! Ha! Ha!

Take care.

Kind regards,
Elaine - Canada

A message from Tami Duff <tamtamfromsosanfran@yahoo.com> dated January 15, 2014

Nala ears straight up now 1-15-14. She really is a wonderful addition to the
family. Thanks Evy we will send more as she grows. Talk to you soon Tami and

Reference Photo - Thank You

 A message from Randy Keating <RKeating@cope.on.ca> dated January 14, 2014

Good Morning Bill,

I was on your site this morning and saw your new arrival ….Wow what a fine looking male!!!!!
As usual Bill you continue to breed the best German Shepherds in North America!!!
Hope all is well with you and your family and I am sure its going be an exciting 2014 at Fleischerheim German Shepherds!!!

Best regards,
Randy Keating
General Superintendent
Cope Construction & Contracting Inc.
120 Scott Road, P.O Box 430
Sarnia, Ontario N7T 7J2
Ph. 519-344-****

A message from Dyann Romeijn <dyann@visionbeyondborders.org> dated January 2, 2014

Dear Bill,

I wanted to let you know I received the application in the mail about a week ago! I had planned to let you know right away, but things were a little crazy with the holidays! Thanks so much. We are really enjoying him. He got a real taste for cold Montana winters! It has been a cold one, but he spends most of his time inside with us and does like the snow! I pray you have a blessed 2014!

God Bless You,


A message from Lisa Neff <laneff723@aol.com> dated December 31, 2013
Just a note to say we got home safe and sound, and little Sofie is just fantastic! She is already a great traveler and has made herself at home with my big boy Axel . . . she loves her big yard, stood her ground with the horse, and the cats are coming along as expected. :)
Happy New Year to you!

Lisa Neff

A message from John Campbell <jccampbel@comcast.net> dated December 27, 2013

Hi Bill,

A short note. Hope you and Mrs Fleischer had a great Christmas holiday. I'm enclosing a photo of Jack (and our Golden). My wife insists on hanging all kinds of holiday dressing on the dogs for our cards, but I thought you'd be pleased on what a beautiful animal Jack has turned into. He's still only 11 months, acts like a puppy most of the time, but is a magnificent specimen under steam. He's showing good aggression and protection around the place, but still acts like a friendly puppy with people. Which is OK I suppose. But he is filling out and is very strong. I'm finally putting some pressure on him, and he usually has to be corrected only one time. Very smart. But a typical GSD, in that he'll try me on until I correct him with some vigor. Then never again. He's also finally bonding with me like a GSD too. We worried that perhaps we got him a little older than we usually do, and he was somewhat detached, but that's changing now. 

All in all, a great dog. Thank you. 

Merry Christmas, and our best to Mrs Fleischer.

John Campbell

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Tami Duff <tamtamfromsosanfran@yahoo.com> dated December 26, 2013

Hi Evy
Here is a picture of my dad and Nala. She already is very comfortable and sleeps
with dad every night. She is a beautiful addition to our family. Thank you so
much for making it possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Christopher Houshan <chriszplace2010@gmail.com> dated December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to let you guys know Dexter is doing very well and looks to be extremely happy. Thank you very much for my amazing brother

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from KT Brooks <ktibrooks22@gmail.com> dated December 10, 2013

Hi Bill
Isla is doing great.  Very smart.  Very tough and athletic and not afraid of anything
Curious, and fiesty but obedient.  Has most of the usual commands down and is growing fast.  21 lbs already.
KT Brooks

A message VIA Facebook dated December 9, 2013...
Sharon Beaman commented on Fleischerheim German Shepherds: Dog Breeder's photo.
Sharon wrote: "Bill helped me in getting a female many years ago she was the best German Shepherd I had owned in a very long time..Bill and Evy are honest and some of the best breeders of the true German Shepherd..Also my Zeda never had a sick day in her life. Solid elbows and hips.If you want a healthy quality dog Fleischer's will help you all the way!!!Oh I have been in German Shepherd over 45 years so I do know about quality in the breed"

A message VIA Facebook dated December 9, 2013...
Bill wrote: "When I am ready I will be getting 2 gsd puppies, 1 male and 1 female. I have done my research on gsd breeders and in my opinion Fleischerheim is the place to go to buy your next gsd puppy. If your looking for a highly trained adult dog for family and protection, look no further."

A message from Dyann <dyann@visionbeyondborders.org> dated December 9, 2013

Thanks so much Bill. We are very pleased with Abe. He is extremely smart and just a beautiful dog. We are absolutely thrilled with him. Wow, teens is pretty cold for Texas! Hope you warm up and hope we warm up as well!
God Bless You,


A message from Karen <klmlady1225@gmail.com> dated November 19, 2013

Bill, We picked up "Mitzi". She is adorable. Good spirit,Happy Girl... 
Thank you so much 

A message from Destiny Heefner <Destiny_Heefner@exchange.compaid.com> dated November 16, 2013

We are so in love with our new girl. She is inquisitive and rather fearless. Our male is being extremely tolerant of her - to the extent that he allowed the puppy to take a bone from his mouth.  She is a pip.

Thank you.

A message from KT Brooks <ktibrooks22@gmail.com> dated November 11, 2013

Hi Bill
Sorry for the delay in getting info to you.  She is absolutely great.  Has that right prey drive, a bit of watch aggression, fun happy, Thank you.  Great breeding.
Vet check is perfect.  Klara my 9 yr old is her friend.  She is already crate trained, 
has the german commands down for  Sit, Stay and Wait.  Awesome

I will keep in touch
KT Brooks

A message from Anthony Savage <anthonysavage@icloud.com> dated November 7, 2013

Thanks, Bill, for sending AKC Registration form. Everyone comments on Bubba's incredibly good looks and big head. He now weighs 80 pounds and is pure sweetness. I would have purchased a German Shepherd years ago if I had known they could be like Bubba. We are so glad we bought our dog from you.

Happy Holidays,


A message from Rose Voelker <rose_voelker@yahoo.com> dated November 3, 2013

Hi Bill,

Wanted you to know that the puppy is doing wonderful. He is
beautiful and playful and sociable. He gets along great with my male shepherd and
they play together a lot. He is sooooooo precious and beautiful.
Everything else is fine and he is one loved puppy. As far as recommending you I definately
would to anyone who is interested. I myself may be interested in a couple of years for
another male. Thank you again for all your help and for raising such beautiful shepherds.

A message from Julie Wilkins <grae4763@aol.com> dated November 3, 2013

Hello Bill,

Wanted to send you a pic of Segen. We got her from Larry, in Maryville. Great guy by the way. We are very like-minded individuals.
Segen is by Cornel out of Gypsy.
She just turned 5 months old in this pic.
We couldn't be happier. She is smart as a whip, sweet as pie, and tough as nails.
A real goofball at home, but in obedience class it's like she punches a time clock. She is all business. Well ...She's a star.
Everyone who sees her say they've never seen one like her. I tell them I saw several like her in one place.
Thanks so much ! Your the man !
Julie Wilkins
Russellville, TN

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from cmamola <cmamola@yahoo.com> dated November 2, 2013

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Grace vom Fleischerheim (Bex/Zorra daughter). After about a month she has transitioned into our family like she has been with us for years. She is a very beautiful and intelligent german shepherd dog and is excelling in her protection training. She has an excellent temperament just like her mother! Grace is an absolutely perfect dog in every aspect and has been absolutely amazing. Thank you for providing us with a perfect second dog from
Fleischerheim German Shepherds!

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Bob and Leslie Ober <leslieober@yahoo.com> dated October 31, 2013

Rikka got VP2 from German judge Mast in her first conformation show!
Pretty happy only negative comment was she was too heavy!
Will send you a picture if her from show.
She also got CGC at 10 months old ! Not Schutzhund it's AKC but shows her
ability to be obedient
Thanks again we love her dearly & look forward to what we have to look forward
Bob & Leslie

A message from KT Brooks <ktibrooks22@gmail.com> dated October 25, 2013

She is here safe and sound.. What a trooper...I believe she is going to be a super pet... Thank you...
Klara, my 9 year old is tip toeing around... Funny to watch.. They will be buddies in no time soon.
I will get back at you in a couple of days...
Again, thanks for your professionalism and trust.
KT Brooks.

A message from Lisa Roberts <Lisa@therobertslawfirm.com> dated October 3, 2013

Yay!!! Thank you so much!
Again, just want to tell you how thrilled I am with Dylan. He is perfect in every way and that's saying a lot for a puppy. He smart, affectionate and loves to please. He's very trainable and people are amazed at how well he behaves off leash.
Thank you for selling me such a wonderful dog..

Lisa Roberts

A message from Kenneth R. Walk <Walk@xerox.com> dated October 1, 2013

We are very pleased with our puppy. We have named him RJ. He is a beautiful German Shephard(sp). He has a great coat, great colors especially for a puppy. He is very energetic, alert and smart. We are having an easy time housebreaking him and he is a quick learner.
He has been a great companion for us in the short time we have had him.
The Vet diagnosis is a "healthy" dog.


A message from Dyann Romeijn <dyann@visionbeyondborders.org>

I wanted to let you know we made it home and he did really well. I decided to see how he would do if I untied him and I stopped at the church right down the road and let him off leash and he laid on the seat perfectly. He never even tried to come into the front seat, not even when I would stop for gas and get out of the car. He did get carsick and threw up four times that evening. But he got in the car better the next morning. Then did fine all day yesterday in the car and we actually got home early this morning. I took him in and had him groomed today and he did fairly well. It wasn't his favorite thing, but he did alright. I had to let him off leash to go to the bathroom while we were on the way home, and I was a little nervous, but he did really great. Stayed right with me, and so I have had him off leash a lot already. He does well with our whole family...likes his Golden Retriever brother and loves my 8 year old daughter. We are delighted with him, and he is sure a gorgeous boy! I took these pictures of him today in the front yard at my parent's house. Thought you would enjoy them! We are thinking of naming him Abraham...calling him Abe. Abraham means "Father of Multitudes".

Thanks so much Bill. We are thrilled and delighted with our newest member of the family!

God Bless You,

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated September 11, 2013

Subject: Re: Luci

Ok about foodI was just worried I will start mix with wet kibble

Transfer has been done, sorry took few day be crazy here with grand kids, bought small cabin on 3ac. Luci has been a trooper I don't know how to tell you how good she is with kids. My wife is very happy seems when ever a man comes close Luci moves between them, today she had Luci leash a man was walk in wife direction she said Luci backed up to her and stood, not sure we're just thinking she's protecting us or is, also if I get up she has to see where I am then will go lay down on her mat.

Not one problem


A message from "M" <Chaosdog1@verizon.net> dated August 13, 2013

How's things in Texas? Just sending a note to let you know how attached we now are to our boy Noah. He sure is a gem! Here's a recent pic of our boy following.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from John Campbell dated August 8, 2013
Hi Bill,

The new guy, Jack, is quite an animal. He may be the smartest GSD we have owned.
He's quite aware and watches everything we do like a hawk. I can actually see
the wheels moving in his head. He's not afraid of anything. He's very friendly with people, no fear at all. At the
same age, Ed was trying to bite everyone. Jack just wants to meet them. He's got
the guard routine and watchfulness down already, though, and barks at strangers.
He's just under 60 pounds at 6 months and a couple of days. He is a great, funny dog and I'm
very happy with him. He's maturing later than Ed did, much like the Czech dog I
had before Ed. He has a beautiful look to him. I haven't started him on serious obedience or a sleeve
yet, maybe when he's 9 months I'll start. Thanks so much for him.

John Campbell

A message from Brian Clark   dated  August 8, 2013

Bill, all is well with "Dallas" , Thank you again. Brian Clark  

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Dyann Romeijn <dyann@visionbeyondborders.org> dated  August 1, 2013

I wanted to let you know we made it home and he did really well. I decided to see how he would do if I untied him and I stopped at the church right down the road and let him off leash and he laid on the seat perfectly. He never even tried to come into the front seat, not even when I would stop for gas and get out of the car. He did get carsick and threw up four times that evening. But he got in the car better the next morning. Then did fine all day yesterday in the car and we actually got home early this morning. I took him in and had him groomed today and he did fairly well. It wasn't his favorite thing, but he did alright. I had to let him off leash to go to the bathroom while we were on the way home, and I was a little nervous, but he did really great. Stayed right with me, and so I have had him off leash a lot already. He does well with our whole family...likes his Golden Retriever brother and loves my 8 year old daughter. We are delighted with him, and he is sure a gorgeous boy! I took these pictures of him today in the front yard at my parent's house. Thought you would enjoy them! We are thinking of naming him Abraham...calling him Abe. Abraham means "Father of Multitudes".
Thanks so much Bill. We are thrilled and delighted with our newest member of the family!
God Bless You,

A message from Kelly Vacco <kellyv24@aol.com> dated July 31, 2013

Interesting... I was certain you would say a male would be preferable. This is obviously why you are the expert!

I have to say what I love most about Barrett is his disposition ... He is the most relaxed gsd I have ever owned.

We are most certainly interested. I will take a look at litter you referenced.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A message from Kelly Vacco <kellyv24@aol.com> dated July 30, 2013

Barrett enjoys both the winter and the summer, although with his dark hair, I almost think he prefers the Buffalo Winters despite the fact he was born in the Lone-star state! So my husband and I are thinking about getting him a companion, as he seems a little on the lonely side despite the fact that I am home most of the day. Now I know that he isn't a show dog, and we ADORE his temperament. Do you think another shepherd is the direction we should go, and if so, do you have "one" in mind for him?

Kelly Vacco

Owner of Barrett

A message from Penny <pbarber11@aol.com> dated July 5, 2013

She really is soooooo beautiful;)
- - - - - - - - - -
On Jun 5, 2013, at 9:34 PM, billsgsd@aol.com wrote:

Dear Penny,

We're delighted you love your puppy so much. She certainly has grown and looks lovely. Thank you for sharing with us and glad she's made you so happy!


Bill Fleischer
- - - - - - - - - - - -
From: Penny

Look how much Vladimir and Mary's daughter has grown!
I'm crazy in love with her;)
Penny Porsch

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Jo and Baron dated June 22, 2013

Hi Bill & Ivy;
I hope all is well with you.

    It's been a while, I often visit your website and look at your breeders & puppies. I am in my 5th year with Baron. He had turned out to be everything that I asked you for and MORE.

As I mentioned last year due to back surgeries, I was unable to take him into Schutzhund - which is the training that I wanted to pursue.
He has been to 3 speciality Shows & AKC all breed shows this year- getting the Fleischerheim name in the German Shepherd AKC obedience rings in Southern California.
He has the Schutzhund drive which makes his heeling work more "driven" than his American cousins. He approaches training with enjoyment and purpose. At the last show another competitor said "he looked like a Veteran in the ring".
He truly completes my world.
In a year or so I am gonna start looking for a female girl - to show with Baron - as I don't want to be jumping him - after 8 yrs. old...
This letter is one that you can publish.
Jo & Baron- AKA: Micah Vom Fleischerheim,CGC,BN,CD

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated June 10, 2013

Now he's one!!! Where did the time go? Beautiful coloring and great companion. Axel 1 Year old.

Reference Photo - Thank You

A message from Penny <pbarber11@aol.com> dated June 5, 2013

She really is soooooo beautiful.

Penny Porsch
A message from Penny <pbarber11@aol.com> dated June 5, 2013

I Look how much Wladimir and Mary's daughter has grown!
I'm crazy in love with her.

Penny Porsch

Reference Photo - Thank YouReference Photo - Thank You

A message from Lisa <lisa@therobertslawfirm.com> dated June 4, 2013

Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you for selling me the most wonderful puppy on the planet! I named him Dylan and he is perfect for me. We just drove over and back from Utah and he is such a good traveler. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.


A message from Cindy <coolmomcjg@yahoo.com> dated June 3, 2013

Dear Bill & Evy,

I have been meaning to contact you to let you know how much I am enjoying Toska.
Actually that doesn't even begin to express what a joy she has been! I've attached some
pictures of her. My favorite is the last that was taken at my folks' backyard. We visit them
often (they live a few miles away) and they are also in love with Toska! When I go on
vacation, they absolutely insist they "babysit" and Toska is so patient with my folks who
are now each 88 years old.

Toska is exactly as you said, very sweet, loyal and loving. She has such a lovely
personality and keeps me entertained with her unique antics. She loves to "hop", walk
backward, and play keep-away with her favorite toy, and meet other German
Shepherds. (I'm afraid she's prejudiced against all other breeds and even white German

I could not have dreamed of a better dog/companion. I believe she will be 12 this
coming October and it will be a sad, sad day when I lose her. She is simply

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you to have suggested her for me after the first
choice you had said would not have been a good match. Toska was absolutely meant to
be with me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will be forever grateful!


Cindy Gold

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