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We offer all German red and black German Shepherd dogs for sale in New York.  We ship our very special German Shepherds Worldwide, including Albany, Winchester and Buffalo New York.

Team Fleischerheim - Breeder Group
Team Fleischerheim - Breeder Group

We are seeking a limited number of serious individuals in New York who really care about the future of our German Shepherd breed and wish to participate in our growing German Shepherd Import program. Our Goal is to accelerate the importation of top quality breed-worthy German Shepherd males & females. We desire to establish truly World Class German Shepherd breeding programs throughout America. Our emphasis continues to be on proven producers including males on Germany's "Top 50" stud list and comparable females from Top Producing Bloodlines. Sole ownerships, co-ownerships and small investment breeding interests are available. Please note we are extremely proud that we have imported 5 of the 8 German Shepherd stud dogs whose progeny groups were exhibited at the 1996 Sieger Show.

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Below are References from Fleischerheim German Shepherd Puppy Customers in New York

A message from Usman Javed <> dated May 2, 2020
Subject: Re: Usman from New York

Thank you so much! He’s an absolute pleasure. We’re very happy and will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a new best friend.

Sent from my iPhone
New York

A message from Shu <> dated April 19, 2020


Hi Bill,

Hope you and your family are doing well doing this crazy time.
Bear and Wolf are doing great 👍🏽 IG: @bearwolfinc and pic below.


Best/ Shu
@shuchowdhury | +1917592****

New York

A message from adkslogcabin <> dated February 27, 2019
Subject: Sitka

Hi Bill,
I hope this finds you well .
I just would like to give you an update on Sitka . We purchased him from you in 2012 and you shipped him to us (upstate NY) I believe in the end of August or the beginning of September . His date of birth was 6/9/12 .
He is the best dog . He loves winter and we hike almost daily . He is truly a very special boy .
Thank you again . Amy , Terry & Kids

Sent from my iPhone
New York

A message from JEFFREY HEPNER <> dated May 7, 2017
Subject: Jola Update & Pics

Hi Bill,
I know it has been a while, but Adrianna and I want to give you an update on Jola.

She has ended up being everything that we dreamed of when we first thought about getting her. She is friendly, protective, supportive, intelligent, loyal, and a valued family member.

We have enclosed some pictures throughout the last year, along with her recent birthday party pictures.

We hope you, your family, and all the dogs are doing well.

Jeff and Adrianna

A message from Michael Wimmer <> dated February 22, 2017
Subject: Nero

Hi Bill and Evy
Just wanted to give you an update on Nero -- he got very big -- he turned 1 on January 16th -- he's about 85- 90 pounds now and still getting bigger. He still, like always, is an amazing dog, he got even smarter and is very protective of the family and we wanted to again thank you for this amazing German Shepherd!


A message from Paula Shareno <> dated January 30, 2017
Subject: AKC Papers

Thank you, I received them today. I have attached a photo of Cain and Asa taken over the weekend. I am so blessed to have them both. I love them so much! I still think about you and your daughter and I pray every week that things have improved.

A message from Rachael Symeon <> dated January 4, 2017
Subject: Ella Rose

Hi Bill. Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know Ella Rose is doing great! What a very special dog.
Thanks so much !
(New York)

Sent from my iPhone

A message from Michael Wimmer <> dated October 11, 2016
Subject: NERO

Hi Bill and Evy just sending you some new pictures of my dog Nero he will be 9 months on the 19th of October and I have to say he is getting very big, very fast -- he is super smart and loves the family very much and we thank you for this amazing dog.

New York

A message from Paula Shareno <> dated September 1, 2016
Subject: "CAIN"

Hi Bill,

I wanted to share how happy I am with “Cain” the male [Tim-Remy Select Male puppy] I purchased from you at the end of June. He has been very loving and hilarious. He is turning into such a good dog, Love him! I see that you have an Ultimate Supreme Long Coat Male at a special low price, what is that price? I am pondering getting a friend for Cain.


Buffalo, NY

A message from Constantine Gurlakis <> dated May 4, 2016
Subject: Update on Dallas

Hi Bill/Evy,

Below is a photo of our pup Dallas. He is really smart and we are really pleased with him, even when he is bratty. Our adult male has taken to him very nicely. He's been completely housebroken, and his ears are starting to stand, especially that right one! He is going to obedience school, in fact he's learned so much, so quickly that the trainer is putting him in "one on one classes" since he is far more accelerated than the other pups.

Warm regards,

(New York)

Sent from my iPhone

A message from sdm6919 <> dated September 30, 2015
Subject: Nero-Sabina Ultimate Supreme Male

Dear Bill

The puppy is perfect , thank you , puppy named Hunter , our family is very happpy for new family number .

New York

A message from Chad Tolhurst <> dated April 23, 2015
Subject: Re: NEW AIRWAYBILL # 3950

We got him and he is amazing!! Thank you so much again!!

Chad Tolhurst
K-9 Kamp Dog Daycare
East Syracuse

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