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SG21 BSZS (2016) Huper Team Semper Victor  IPO3,  Kkl 1a
DOB:  November 29, 2014

Huper team Semper Victor - Fleischerheim German Shepherds     HuperTeam Semper Victor (Small Trophy)

The SV judge's critique for the 2016 World Sieger Show:
Over medium size, medium strong, very good height to length proportions, good masculine definition, very good expression. High wither, straight, firm back, the well placed croup should be a little longer. Balanced chest proportions, correct front. Well angulated in front, very well angled behind. Correct sequence of steps. With effective drive the dogs shows good reach. Unfortunately on the day of the Siegerschau was in poor coat condition (out of coat). Therfore he was lacking a little in the necessary charisma. (He possibly could have placed higher if he was in coat)

line image 12X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard  SchH3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 2 V Wulkano von der Jahnhöhe  IPO1,  Kkl 1a
Line image 3VA Patty dei Cimmeri  SchH3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 4 VA Basko della Real Favorita  IPO2,  Kkl 1a
Line image 5V Solo von Frutteto  SchH3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 6 V Naomi della Real Favorita  SchH1,  Kkl 1a
Line image 7V Quina di valguarnera Brevet1 SchH1, Kkl 1a
 SG21 BSZS (2016) Huper Team Semper Victor  IPO3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 7aSG Unzo Van Noort  SchH3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 6a V Yoker vom Westervenn   SchH3 Kkl 1a
Line image 5aV Zaïra van de Ybajo Hoeve  SchH1,  Kkl 1a
Line image 4a SG Haiti zur Medbacher Mühle  IPO1,  Kkl 1a
Line image 3aVA1  Zamp vom Thermodos  SchH3,  Kkl 1a
Line image 2a V Vivienne zur Medbacher Mühle  SchH1,  Kkl 1a

line image 1aV Eva zur Medbacher Mühle  SchH1,  FH1,  Kkl 1a


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