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Please send us photos of your puppies and adult dogs so that we can share them with others.
We love to see how they are doing.   Thank you.


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A message from Jennifer Kotil <jen_kotil@yahoo.com> dated November 23, 2017
Subject: Axel

Dear Bill and Evy~

My children and I want to thank you so very much for this amazing addition to our family ❤️ Axel is so very smart, loving, playful, energetic and gentle. He loves “his kids” more than anything else. He goes with us just about everywhere. He’s truly a gorgeous big boy. He’s almost 10 months old now. I’m thrilled to see how he grows and changes in the months and years to come!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Blessings to you and your family.

Jennifer Dean

Omaha, NE
Axel (Nebraska) - November 2017

Buddy & Gretchen - November 2017

A message from James Saunders <James.Saunders@voago.org> dated November 14, 2017

Bill & Evy,

Here is a picture of my Ballack long coat male, Peter, competing at the ME USCA Championship. He took first and was given SG 1. My other Male from Tim vom Fidelius took SG 2.
Thank you for finding me such great dogs

Peter Khaos  (Ohio) - November 2017     Peter Khaos #2 (Ohio) - November 2017
A message from Boonville <bbquinlan@sbcglobal.net> dated October 31, 2017
Subject: Roxy from Boonville, MO, Bill this dog is so impressive and thank you again!
Roxy (Missouri) - October 2017
A message from Kim Scher <mtmary157@gmail.com> dated October 30, 2017
Subject: I know -cutesy pic

Wanted to share our favorite dog, Geneva

Thanks again
Geneva (Kentucky) - October 2017
Sent from my iPhone
A message from Bette Bonfleur <bonfleur99@aol.com> dated October 14, 2017
Subject: What we do for our dogs

My Jeep is 12 years old and I'm getting too long in the tooth to sling ramps around. Besides, Mia hated it. Soooooo, Mia has a brand new Chrysler Pacifica. They have a Stow and Go feature that flattens the back seats to the floor (13" jump). The Jeep's is 33"! She hops in the Pacifica with ease and curls up. In fact, after her first ride she refused to get out.

Mia in Van (Florida) - (October 2017)
A message from scloud76 <scloud76@att.net> dated October 5, 2017
Subject: Gretchen and Buddy

We just wanted to thank you and let you how much we love our 2 GSD's we got from you. Gretchen was born 1/31/17 and Buddy born on 3/18/17. We receive so many compliments everywhere we go and they have excellent temperaments, have been very easy to train. They truly are part of our family and are very spoiled, I can't imagine not having them!! Thank you again for all your many years of hard work and dedication to this breed of dog. I did lots of research before making our purchase with you and can honestly say I do not regret it we love our GSD's.
Shane and Georgianna.

Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device

Gretchen and Buddy 1 - (October 2017)     Gretchen and Buddy 2 - (October 2017)

A message from Brenda Peek dated September 30, 2017
Subject: Leroy Jetro Gibbs Fleischerheim

We just wanted to check in with y’all. Gibbs just turned 6 last week and is doing magnificent. He is my Service dog and is loved by everyone he meets. He is so smart and intuitive ;) ❤ He had a professional photo shoot on Galveston Island  Here's a small glimpse
Brenda & Bailey Peek
Ps remember it was my 9 year old Bailey that contacted you behind our backs looking for a long haired shepherd. She found us Gibbs  ❤

Gibbs Photo - (September 2017)

A message from Barb Danner <bdanner7901@gmail.com> dated September 14, 2017
Subject: Kinley at 6 months!!!

Just wanted to let you know how well Kinley is doing!!! She has come a long way as far as her obedience and socialization! We have her in 2 different classes per week. One for her CGC certification and the other for TDI certification. I hope to have her ready for her first dog show in November here in San Angelo. Her favorite thing to do is go in the car!
Hope all is well with you and your family! Take care and we will keep in touch!
Barb, Dave , and Kinley

Kenley Photo 1 - (September 2017)     Kenley Photo 2 - (September 2017)

A message from Michelle Logan <swampg8tr2@bellsouth.net> dated September 1, 2017
Subject: Belleau-long haired female

Good evening. I wanted to send y'all an update from our family to yours in regards to Belleau. She is our baby. We wanted to send y'all two pictures that we thought were just beautiful. It is more than ok if you want to use them on your website. She is the sweetest addition to our family. We can't imagine what we ever did before she came into our lives. Please let us know what you think of her.... She sleeps with us, sits in her own spot on the couch and loves to chase dragonfly's. She is sooooo cute. I will send the pics in the next email. Not sure how to attach. I'm electronically challenged!!..

Belleau Photo - (September 2017)

A message from Natalie Eilemberg dated August 18, 2017
Subject: Re: Taco

Hi Bill!

Nice to hear from you! So to give you an update, Taco got currently certified as a TDI (Therapy Dog International) dog and I will soon start going to nursing homes and hospitals to visit the elderly and children.
He is just a SUPERB dog with the most amazing temperament, disposition, and intelligence! Please see some attached images and fotos!

Currently, I can't train another GS as I am so busy with Taco getting him trained and ready for volunteer work that I do not have the time for another AMAZING companion. When the time is right I will for sure let you know!!! Perhaps a female!!! :)

Thank you,


Taco Video #1 - (August 2017)     Taco Video #2 - (August 2017)     Taco Video #3 - (August 2017)
A message from Maggie St John <stjohnm955@gmail.com> dated July 28, 2017
Subject: Puppy


I recently bought a puppy from you and I wanted to let you know he is doing great! . He is everything we were looking for! Incredibly smart ; already knows "sit" and "come" and we're working on "stay" as well as very sweet and affectionate! We are in love!
Thanks so much!

Maggie and Mike St John
Maggie St. John Puppy Photo - (July 2017)
A message from deann <deann@completefireservice.com> dated July 17, 2017
Subject: RE: Roko Oger Schloss IPO3 Kkl1a

Everything went awesome !! Your daughter is an amazing women, Jeff was fantastic, Roko is perfect my daughter is extremely happy (=
I am very grateful to have found your company for this whole experience.
I will email you in a couple of weeks to let you guys know how he's doing.
Again Thank you for Everything You Guys do for all of us

Thank You,
Deann Kling


Roko Oger Schloss (small-side)

Roko Oger Schloss   IPO3, Kkl 1a

DOB:  August 1, 2013

Father:  Figo von Nordteich   IPO3, Kkl 1a  2X World Siegers VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH3, Kkl 1a son)
Mother:  Xanta Oger Schloss   SchH1, Kkl 1a

Large impressive  male with excellent temperament & protection for a family with children.

Roko Oger Schloss  (Front-Small)

A message from Mark <backnit2win@gmail.com> dated July 5, 2017
Subject: 4th of July 2017

Finished Schutzund 1


Backnit Photo - (July 2017)
A message from Deanna Courtwright <djbcourt@me.com> dated June 30, 2017
Subject: Our precious Max

Growing sweeter every day. And boy is he SMART. WE love him SO much.
Deanna Courtwright
Courtwright Photo - (June 2017)
Sent from my iPhone
A message from Cherine Dunne <oonamoona1@yahoo.com> dated June 17, 2017

What a wonderful time I had conversing
With you. Yes Bill pick the right shepherd for
Me 10 years ago. And believe me it gave me
All the happiness in the world. Imagine what you do for people who are in need of a dog with the kind of temperament they are bred
With. Oonamoona is very stable and kind
Hearted to all that comes my way. And my god Evy all the compliment I get on the street from so many people.

Check out face book kitty. Oonas picture
Is on the main page

Again thank you with all of my heart for
Bringing such a magificent shepherd into
This world.

With happiness
Kitty and oonamoona.
A message from Natalie Eilemberg <natalie@eilemberg.com> dated June 10, 2017
Subject: Taco

Hi Bill,

I'm constantly checking your website, to see the puppies available for sale since we are BEYOND obsessed with Taco! He is the BEST dog EVER! I have told everyone in Miami about you and have given out your number multiple times. People are in awe of him. He is outstanding!
What's going to happen with the Texas facility???😲😳 and my real question is do you think you will have a repeat litter of Taco's mom (Eva) and Taco's father (Tim)? If so can I know about it???
Thanks for breeding such an AMAZING high quality German Shepherd!!!

Natalie Eilemberg

Below find a current picture of my beautiful baby boy
Taco - (June 2017)
A message from Roger Funk <hfunk@snet.net> dated June 9, 2017
Subject: Major

Morning Bill,

A couple of pictures as we reach the one week mark. Had the vet visit on Monday, all is well.
Major has settled in very well, not crying in the kennel at night, seems to understand that he " goes" outside and not in the kennel or house. Has already barked at the weekly pool cleaning guy and totally has enjoyed the many grandkids that have visited him.
Hope all is well with you.

Major #1 (June 2017)     Major #2 (June 2017)
A message from OWEN PARDO <owenpardo@me.com> dated June 9, 2017
Subject: Re: Jaxon (Tim-Ursa Long Hair Male)

Reddest GS that I have ever owned. Color is spectacular!! Great personality and demeanor!


Jaxon (June 2017)
Savannah's 3rd Birthday (June 9, 2017)

Savannah's 3rd Birthday
A message from Jeneen Waletski <jeneenwaletski@yahoo.com> dated June 4, 2017
Subject: Klaus Update

Good evening,

Just wanted to share some more photos of Klaus, he has gotten so much bigger and his ears finally went up last week. I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Jeneen Waletski

Klaus June 2017 #1     Klaus June 2017 #2     Klaus June 2017 #3
A message from Antonio Correa <antonio.correa@sportechmexico.com> dated June 2, 2017
Subject: Thank you

Hi Bill
Yesterday Enzo arrived to Mexico and he is gorgeous.
Thank you for all you Help and patience, if there is anything I can do for you please don’t hastate in asking.
If any time you come to Mexico city please give me a call I will love to meet you and take you out for dinner or lunch.
I’m sure we will be in touch and this is the beginning of a long term relationship

Once again thank you very much

Antonio Correa R.

Av. Jesús del Monte 234-12
Col . Jesús del Monte
C.P. 05129 México, D.F.
(55) 58154749 58154873 58158832

(Mexico City, Mexico)
Wilson Logo
A message from rockinghorse ranch <rockhorseranch@gmail.com> dated May 16, 2017
Subject: Re: Pax

Hi Evy! It is so funny you wrote me, I have been thinking about you and meaning to give you a Pax report! He is, and has always been, the coolest puppy. I take him to coffee at this very touristy coffee house in Santa Barbara to socialize and as a baby he would sit on my lap, then under the table, now he is so big he has his own spot, but he has always just been the coolest, most perfectly behaved puppy, never chewing or whining, just friendly and happy. I have given your name to so many people because everyone who meets Pax says "I want a dog just like that!" He turned a year old in March, and I think he is still growing but right now weighs 88 pounds. I'll send a couple of photos but his ears were up at three months and stayed up perfectly straight, he is very dark red with a black saddle. I work with a trainer every week and am probably going to show him in obedience pretty soon. He is a sweet, kind, dear creature. Pax is calm, willing, brave, very cool, he doesn't get flustered, he is just a neat dog, a very easy dog to live with. He likes people, has lots of friends and is very friendly but definitely wants to be with me. I am his world and pleasing me is his work, his life. He comes up to me and buries his head in my lap and wags this long tail and his whole body wags with happiness! He is totally healthy and sound, phew!, he is quite fit as he works on my horse farm and has been trustworthy off leash since he was 5 months old. He has, from the moment he arrived, been a complete delight in every way. Hope all is well with you-- Cynthia

- California
A message from Jeneen Waletski <jeneenwaletski@yahoo.com> dated May 14, 2017
Subject: Klaus -- Tim & Eva U.S. Male

Good morning Bill,

I hope that everything is going well with you! Klaus is doing very well, he is very eager to learn and please, overall I'm very, very happy with him. He is also very good with kids and every dog he meets. I have attached a couple of photos of him and plan to send some more in the future. He's getting very big very fast, it's really nice to watch him grow! Thank you for your time!

Jeneen Waletski

Klaus in Montana #1 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale     Klaus in Montana #2 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale
A message from Bruce Mitchell <mitchellb1950@gmail.com> dated May 7, 2017
Subject: Bruce / REX

Hello Evy/ Bill!
Hope you are both well, and your daughter is in better health,
REX has his " 2" year Birthday tomorrow, He has a " BIG SURPRISE" ( Two Photo's) will unwrap Monday,
Take Care, Bruce / REX

Rex Auto 1 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale     Rex Auto 2 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale
A message from JEFFREY HEPNER <masterhep@yahoo.com> dated May 7, 2017
Subject: Jola Update & Pics

Hi Bill,
I know it has been a while, but Adrianna and I want to give you an update on Jola.

She has ended up being everything that we dreamed of when we first thought about getting her. She is friendly, protective, supportive, intelligent, loyal, and a valued family member.

We have enclosed some pictures throughout the last year, along with her recent birthday party pictures.

We hope you, your family, and all the dogs are doing well.

Jeff and Adrianna

Jola Photo #1 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale   Jola Photo #2 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale   Jola Photo #3 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale   Jola Photo #4 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale   Jola Photo #5 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale   Jola Photo #6 - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale

New York

A message from Barbara Danner <bdanner7901@gmail.com> dated May 15, 2017
Subject: "McKinley" Danner's Checkup went well...

Good Evening Mr. Fleischerheim,
What a blessing "Kinley" is to our family already! She is ALL that we've been looking for! Slept the entire 6 hours home!
In less than 48 hours, she has learned NOT to barge in or out of the door and sits and waits to be invited in or out! Potty training is going real well so far. We are working on not whining when alone in her kennel. She wants to be by her "sister" at all times so still going through separation.
The vet examined her and she checked out just fine. Was THE BEST DOG!
What date do I go by for the Heartguard and Nexguard?
We can't thank you enough for such an amazing dog! We will be in touch soon with more pictures! God bless.

Barb, Dave, and Brittany

McKinley - Texas - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale
Helping Dave water the plants!


McKinley 2 - Texas - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale
Weighed in 18#


McKinley 3- Texas - Fleischerheim German Shepherds For Sale


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A message from Donald Wybourn <donwy2580@yahoo.com> dated May 8, 2017
Subject: Abbey

Bill I just wanted to share Abbeys most recent pictures with the two of you -- she has really grown up into a beautiful GSD.
I can't thank you enough as she is truly a great part of our family.

Thanks Don Wybourn
Abbey - Illinois   Abbey #2- Illinois Abbey #3- Illinois      


From Scott & Michelle Logan

Subject: Tim-Juliet LH Female

Bill & Evy,

Sorry for the delay in responding after the puppy (Belleau) was received. She is very beautiful, calm and just pretty much laid back. She has made our home hers and I can tell she feels like part of the family, although she does not like the Florida heat. She is already spoiled by the A/C. My family loves her very much, thank you. .

All in all, we are extremely happy to have her as a member of our family.

Scott & Michelle Logan

Belleau - Florida

A message from Tessa Mia <tessamiafl@gmail.com> dated May 1, 2017
Subject: Re: Thank You!

Hi Evy,

Just wanted to keep you updated. I went to the vet today and the clinic ran the lab tests. The results came negative for Giardia and Coccidia, as well as any other parasites or worms.

Rex is gorgeous, so happy and playful, his right ear is half up, he already knows "come" "sit" "down" "up" commands and he learns everything so fast! I am just shocked that he didn't potty inside at all since 2 days ago! I am so happy he learned to go in the yard so fast, in a matter of only few days! I leave the food available to him all day long up until 7:00 pm then I bring him in the yard every 2 hours throughout the night until I am up around 2 or 3 in the morning and he is super good until 8 am. He is such an amazing puppy! Thank you so much once again!


A message from Verizon <chaosdog1@verizon.net> dated April 30, 2017
Subject: My dog Noah

I will never buy another dog anywhere else. Thank you so much for Noah.

From Mark in Massachusetts.

Noah - Massachusetts
A message from ctwardzik <ctwardzik@tampabay.rr.com> dated April 9, 2017
Subject: Blue Ribbon for Isabella

I just want to let you know, last month, Isabella won first place in the Novice Group. The first week in May she will be competing in the Good Citizen class. She is growing fast and training easily! Helen Gleason says, "She is extremely smart."


A message from James Saunders <jsaunders1@icloud.com> dated April 8, 2017
Subject: (L) Marco vom Fleischerheim

Evy & Bill

Just thought I would share a few pictures taken of me and my Fabulous GSD today at our Church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. As you can see he is absolutely gorgeous and very eager to help all of the kids find the hidden eggs, he was very well mannered and all of the kids and adults loved on him.
I can not list all of the complements he was given, but the main one that sticks out is his temperament, nothing and I mean nothing bothered him at all and you just don't see that out of 10 month old puppy. People were everywhere and doing all sorts of things during and after the hunt but he stayed true all day long.
You know I have owned or had at least 20-30 GSD and they were and are special in there own way.
The only thing I can say is that your breeding program has proven once again just how special your dogs are, so again I thank you for my "new best friend" and for the ones to come.

James W Saunders

Marco - Ohio
Ohio - Sent from my iPad
A message from Bob Davis <bdavisblue13@hotmail.com> dated April 8, 2017
Subject: Ruger and Sampson with the Easter Bunny.

Ruger and Sampson with the Easter Bunny. Ruger turned 2 today. Sampson will be 4 in June of this year. Ruger is 86# and Sampson is 75#. They are both adjusting to our chickens. Ruger is very protective of them.


Sampson with the Easter Bunny - Virginia
A message from: Karin dated March 27, 2017
Subject: Female Puppy -- Tim-Juliet

OMG I am going to die. She is the cutest little thing I have ever seen . Also have never seen my son so happy . She runs after him and her tail never stops waging Thank you a million , I write soon again


Tim-Julie-Female in California
A message from Bruce Mitchell <mitchellb1950@gmail.com> dated March 26, 2017
Subject: Bruce : REX

Hello Evy / Bill! Have been thinking of you and " Hope" you are both well.   Can you believe it has been a year since " REX" has come into my life, I'll never forget the evening we met at the airport, attached is a photo, REX napping, " WHAT A LIFE" , Take Care, Bruce / REX

Res Napping "What a Life"
A message from Mark Whiting <mwhiting@drawbridgerealty.com> dated March 23, 2017
Subject: RE: Son of Nero

Hi Bill!
I am happy to report Koa is a fabulous young fella.  The trainer Teri did an amazing job in 3 weeks.  He showed up at our house trained, calm around the small kids, and never jumping up on anyone or anything.  He walks beautifully by our side at the speed we walk on the left, sits immediately when we stop, and stops (mostly) at every door opening and every curb.  He sits, heels, stays and comes remarkably well for a 5 month old bundle of energy, and he sleeps without a peep in his crate from 10 AM
(sp - PM) to 7 AM.  I highly recommend Teri for any other NorCal puppys!!  He is so beautiful everyone who sees him stares at him, and his disposition is really pleasant while he is already a great watch dog.  All-in-all an A plus pup!!
Let us know if you are ever able to see us in SF we are near Coit Tower on the Alcatraz side. 

Koa - California #1     Koa - California #2
A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated March 23, 2017
Subject: Axel and Sarkis

Just thought you'd like to see these beauties! So grateful for your help Bill in picking our very best friends. Sarkis is 2 and Axel ...now 4. Happy Puppy Day!


Sarkis - Pennsylvania     Sarkis & Axel - Pennsylvania
A message from Michael Wimmer <tnamichaelwimmer7@gmail.com> dated February 22, 2017
Subject: Nero

Hi Bill and Evy
Just wanted to give you an update on Nero -- he got very big -- he turned 1 on January 16th -- he's about 85- 90 pounds now and still getting bigger. He still, like always, is an amazing dog, he got even smarter and is very protective of the family and we wanted to again thank you for this amazing German Shepherd!


Nero - New York
New York
A message from kate knocke-melis <anirikm@yahoo.com> dated February 20, 2017
Subject: Zibu's grandson

Update on how Hans is doing :) he just recently outgrew his first collar and weighs almost 40lbs!
Thanks again for everything! He means the world to me

Zibu's Grandson, Hans
A message from JAMES SAUNDERS <jsaunders1@icloud.com> dated February 15, 2017
Subject: Re: Ballack Male & Tim - Enna Male

I love my very special Fleischerheim GSD and I have nothing but high praise for the ones that you have let me purchase from you.
I was thinking of an older trained male that would help train me and one that would blow the minds of those at my new club, they're more working line people.
I still believe that my Ballack male will be a great dog , he has a very strong drive and loves to work, and my Tim male is absolutely the best dog I have ever had, he is so sweet and smart.
You have been a great help to me over the years and if you think that's the best way for me to go then I look forward to finding another one to help me.

I look forward to your recommendations.

Sent from my iPad
A message from Paula Shareno <pshareno@ecbavlp.com> dated January 30, 2017
Subject: AKC Papers

Thank you, I received them today. I have attached a photo of Cain and Asa taken over the weekend. I am so blessed to have them both. I love them so much! I still think about you and your daughter and I pray every week that things have improved.

Cain & Asa (January 2017)
New York
A message from Kristina Kraker <krisskraker@sbcglobal.net> dated January 28, 2017
Subject: Re: AKC Registration

Hi, Bill,

So very sorry to hear about your daughter.  We will keep her in our prayers for continued healing.

Thanks for sending off the application.  We will be looking forward to receiving it so that we can get the puppy registered with the AKC.

Please tell Evy that she was right in that we would be getting the 'looks, turning of heads and compliments' galore with this pup.  He is one handsome guy.

Kristina Kraker-Nomi

A message from tinacasas <tinacasas@gmail.com> dated January 24, 2017
Subject: Re: Pups papers

Thank you Mr Bill. Cochise is growing and is smart as a whip. He is already almost house broke. Ive always had bullies but he is wonderful.


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone
A message from DukeysMom <DukeysMom@aol.com> dated January 19, 2017
Subject: Dallas...born sept. 13, 2014..SASSI vom FLEISHERHEIM

Taking a break after a big run in the park....thought you might like to see how drop dead gorgeous she turned out to be!

Thank you for letting me have her!!!!! She really has saved my life.

Jane Davis
Dallas (Virginia) #1     Dallas (Virginia) #2
Sent from my iPad
A message from kate knocke-melis <anirikm@yahoo.com> dated January 7, 2017
Subject: Zibus grandson

Wanted to give you and update on how Hans is doing! I can't believe how fast he is growing! He is an incredibly beautiful and smart dog! Thank you so much for raising such amazing shepherds and for Hans

Hans January 2017
A message from Natalie <natalie@eilemberg.com> dated January 7, 2017
Subject: Taco

We just want to thank Bill for such an amazing dog. Best German Shepherd! He is amazing with my kids and we can't wait to get another shepherd from you guys in the near future!

All our love,
Eilemberg family

Taco #1      Taco #2
Sent from my iPhone
A Message from Bruce Quinlan <bbquinlan@sbcglobal.net> dated January 5, 2017
Subject:  ROXY in Missouri

Roxy (Missouri) #1     Roxy (Missouri) #2     Roxy (Missouri) #3     Roxy (Missouri) #4
A message from Rachael Symeon <rsymeon@me.com> dated January 4, 2017
Subject: Ella Rose

Hi Bill. Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know Ella Rose is doing great! What a very special dog.
Thanks so much !
(New York)

Sent from my iPhone

Ella Rose (New York)
A message from Nick Gibson <gng183@earthlink.net> dated January 3, 2017
Subject: Nero-Rosie Select male puppy

The puppy we purchased is doing great, he is very smart and very active, never meets a stranger.
He is 26 ½ pounds, as you know he was born on 9-27-2016. We are extremely happy with him, we named him Rowdy.
He is a perfect fit.

Nero Rosie Christmas German Shepherd - Texas
A Message from Bruce Quinlan <bbquinlan@sbcglobal.net> dated November 11, 2016
Subject: Re: German Shepherd puppy -- ROXY in Missouri


Our VA1! Bill & Kristina, I cannot say enough about how important it is to buy a GSD from a renowned and highly experienced breeder.

Roxy below, I misspelled her name earlier in an email to you. You know a man has a difficult time reading a woman's mind!


Bruce R. Quinlan
660-621-XXXX mobile

Eva - Tim Female Puppy (Roxy)

A message from Linda Monk <lindastich1950@yahoo.com> dated November 5, 2016
Subject: Selene & Haanz

Hi Bill,

We purchased Selene from you several months ago. Our little Selene gets so many compliments everywhere she goes. My granddaughter, Caitlin, just loves her to death and is so proud of her. She works with her nearly every day and comments how smart and eagar to learn she is. She picks up so quickly what you are teaching her to do. We are so happy with her. Of course Haanz is also something else -- he also gets so many comments, and is a very loving dog, and so extremely active and so powerful.

Linda Monk
A message from JAMES SAUNDERS <jsaunders1@icloud.com> dated November 5, 2016
Subject: Tim & Deja U.S. Male

Just thought I would send you and Evy a picture of of my 5 month old male.
Another great GSD from you. I'll have another one here soon.
Thanks so much -- he is Great !


Tim-Deja Photo (James-Ohio)

A message from Natalie <natalie@eilemberg.com> dated November 1, 2016
Subject: Ears went up!!!

Taco is the best! We are so happy with our new addition to the family!
Thank you!!!


Taco Photo (Natalie)     Taco Photo (Natalie)

A message from Natalie <natalie@eilemberg.com> dated October 28, 2016
Subject: Taco -- Tim-Eva U.S. Male

He is getting so big!! Smartest dog ever! Love him!!!!!

Taco Photo (Natalie)

A message from B. Mitchell dated October 27, 2016

Hello Evy / Bill!

I hope these couple of lines find you both well, thought you would like to see this photo of " MY BEST FRIEND",


Rex - Massachusetts

A message from B. Quinlan <bbquinlan@sbcglobal.net> dated October 22, 2016
Subject: THANK YOU


First, I forgot your daughters name and please send it to me. Secondly, I want to let you both know that everybody is jealous of me, in the family, because Roxie, our new name for her, will not let me out of her view plus she sits at my side most of the time. We are in love with her so much already. Also, Bill and family, I want to let you know that we are so happy we purchased a dog from your company and Bill you presented me with the type of GSD that is perfect for our family.


Bruce R. Quinlan
St. Louis, MO

Eva - Tim Female Puppy

A Message from Sb - Florida - October 20, 2016


You are very welcome .. as you have probably figured out by now Captain has become pretty popular in my neighborhood. Everyone who has exposure to him wants one just like him! Thank you..

Sb - Florida

Captain-Kai Photo - Sb Florida     Captian - Stella - Florida     Captian - Stella - Florida

A message from James dated October 24, 2016
Subject: Re: World Sieger Ballack Male Puppy

Send me a contract when you get the time, I really really want this guy. I have a long coat out of Tim and he is all you said he was and more. The one you sent me is 5 months old as well.

I hope all is well with you and your family


James - Ohio (Ballack Puppy)

A message from Kirk Zeigler - October 11, 2016
Bill & Evy

You guys did Wahr a good turn bringing him up here... He is a legend already in these parts for his protective trait. And purely instinctual! Ain't this boy handsome..... Two of my Sheriff friends want puppies.

Kirk Zeigler

Wahr - Zeigler

A message from Michael Wimmer <tnamichaelwimmer7@gmail.com> dated October 11, 2016
Subject: NERO

Hi Bill and Evy just sending you some new pictures of my dog Nero he will be 9 months on the 19th of October and I have to say he is getting very big, very fast -- he is super smart and loves the family very much and we thank you for this amazing dog.

New York

Nero (New York)

A message from Lisa Drewry <laddrewry@aol.com> dated October 5, 2016
Subject: Re: Ballack-Barca Ultimate Supreme Female "B"

Thank you! Then name should be: Lisa Drewry and Raymond Gonzales. I kept my maiden name! Thank you again! She is already sitting and down on command. Love her! Let me know if there is anything else we need to do! You guys breed amazing dogs!

A message from Lisa Drewry <laddrewry@aol.com> dated October 4, 2016
Subject: Re:WORLD SIEGER Ballack-Barca Ultimate Supreme Female "B"

Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for our beautiful little girl! She arrived last night and got a late bath! She played for an hour and slept all night! Our male ten year old Shepard we purchased from you as well loves her! She is a delight and incredibly gorgeous! How do we register her? My husband would like to show her! Thank you again for yet another stupendous Shepard! We love her!

Barca-Ballack Ultimate Supreme Female Puppy



A message from Kellyann Fay <kfay66@icloud.com> dated October 2, 2016
Subject: Molly Malone vom Fleischerheim Fay - New Jersey

Hi Bill,

Almost 13 years ago we were blessed with the most amazing German shepherd puppy from you. We named her Molly Malone Von Fleischerheim Fay and called her that often. Sadly today Molly has left us but not without the best memories of her life with us filled with so much happiness. She was such a pack animal. Anywhere my kids were she went. From sleigh riding to bike riding to swimming in the bay. She even has her own Instagram account - mollyfay30 I thank you what you do. We have treasured and will continue to treasure our time with Molly. My husband just reminded me to let you know that even at the age of 13, Molly never had any hip issues. She was truly still running around like a puppy (just a little slower). I forgot to mention what a gentle, sweet dog Molly was. My son could put an oven mitt on and mess around with her as if she was in training for K-9 and in a split second she could switch to playing with a toddler. She was incredibly smart. It was like having a pre-schooler around when you need to spell the words you can't say out loud because she knew what you were talking about which is the funniest thing. Anyway, I could go on all day with how great she was but I won't. I encourage you to check out her Instagram account that I mentioned in my previous email. I think you will get a good understanding of her personality.

Thanks again for being the breeder you are of such quality dogs.

Kelly Fay
New Jersey
Molly - Kelly Fay
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A message from Shauna Knoth <shaunaknoth@yahoo.com> dated September 8, 2016
Subject: Tex

Hello, just wanted to let you know we laid Tex to rest. Tex had a good life and lots of love. We will miss him dearly.

THANK YOU for an awesome dog!!!!

~Shauna Knoth
New Jersey
A message from Cindy White <murphyslaw9903@me.com> dated September 6, 2016
Subject: Gus at 11 months

Can't EVER thank you enough to for such a blessing he is to our family- he may need a brother.. Hope you are all well
Tammy and Nero puppy 11/15/15
Gus at 11 Months (1)     Gus at 11 Months (2)
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A message from Paula Shareno <pshareno@ecbavlp.com> dated September 1, 2016
Subject: "CAIN"

Hi Bill,

I wanted to share how happy I am with “Cain” the male [Tim-Remy Select Male puppy] I purchased from you at the end of June. He has been very loving and hilarious. He is turning into such a good dog, Love him! I see that you have an Ultimate Supreme Long Coat Male at a special low price, what is that price? I am pondering getting a friend for Cain.


Buffalo, NY
A message from Brenda Geiser <blgeiser@gmail.com> dated August 24, 2016
Subject: Male/ Female born 7/30/2015

Hello Bill,

I hope you and your lovely wife are doing well.
Here is a picture of the puppies, just as I promised. Frau is on the left, Frimunt on the right. It was taken at the training facility they attend. They are doing wonderfully! Everyone always compliments their handsome looks and good breeding. I am very pleased!

Thank You,

Brenda Geiser

Frau-Frimunt Customer Photo

A message from Mark <backnit2win@gmail.com> dated Aug 13, 2016

Good morning!!! Well we finally arrived home!!! His personality and temperament is outstanding. Not timid at all. Thanks again

New Jersey
A message from Darrell Leber <dleber@nnu.edu> dated July 24, 2016
Subject: Tim-Enna Exceptional Male

Hi Bill,

Teal'c (The Tim-Enna Exceptional Male we purchased from you 2 months ago) is doing remarkably well for being just over 4 months old. He is well behaved and responsive, much more so that many of the puppies and adult dogs he encounters. No health issues of any kind to report. We are very happy to have him as a member of our family.

If you ever need a positive reference as to the quality of GSD you provide, please feel free to let me know and I can write up something you can use.

Many Thanks,

Darrell & Brittany Leber
A message from Josh Eudowe <jeudowe@mac.com> dated July 22, 2016
Subject: Jackson

Hi, Bill -

Just wanted to share a picture of Jackson (just after climbing out of the water). He’s 5 months now and about 52 lbs. He’s absolutely amazing in every way. There’s a very good chance we’ll be back within several months to get another one. We’ve been talking a lot about it.

Hope you’re well.


Connecticut (Greenwich area)

A message from Megan Shareno <mshareno@yahoo.com> dated June 30, 2016
Subject: 'Pupdate'

Hello Bill!
We are loving our boy Cain! He is 11 weeks old now and weighs 19 pounds! He (sometimes) listens to come and sit, he is getting smarter every day! His favorite things to do are sleep, and carry sticks to the front door! What a perfect and crazy little pup he is!!
Thank you so much,
Paula and Meg Shareno

A message from Kitty Beder <kbeder@susd.org> dated  June 17, 2016

Hi Bill and Evy
We thought you would like to see how Charlize (Charlie) is doing. This is her 11 week photo. She is not only impressive, but we love her temperament. She already is crate trained, and obeys come, sit, and down. Thank you for our second wonderful shepherd.

Kitty and Marc Beder

A message from Rockinghorse Ranch <rockhorseranch@gmail.com> dated June 6, 2016

Hi Evy and Bill,
I just wanted to share how special this little puppy is going to be. The very day I got your e-mail my beloved Great Pyrenees, Snowman, had been diagnosed with bone cancer. I was just devastated. Snowman is not just a dog, he has been flock guardian on our farm for 11 years. He is beyond beloved, he is legendary, someone even wrote a series of children's stories about him! He has been leader, teacher, he is a big, gentle giant. I think he is why Francis was so gentle, Snowman sensed his weakness and totally took him under his wing.
When I first got your e-mail I wasn't going to get another puppy as the doctors think Snowman has maybe two months left to live, and I doubt if this will be an easy time, Tramadol or not, but then I decided this is circle of life and timing wise maybe Snowman needs to imprint some of his gentleness and strength on the little puppy. Even though new puppy won't do Snowman's work, Snowman is a flock guardian and new puppy will be a Cyn guardian, I think this new little fellow will fill Snowman's very large shoes and the very large hole in our hearts when Snowman finally passes.
Unless you have other ideas, I think I am going to name him Bruno. I don't know if you have followed the news in Los Angeles, but there was a police dog named Bruno who was shot protecting his partner a couple of years ago. He survived and has been quite a local hero, he has a park and a statue dedicated to him. He passed away a few days ago. If you haven't followed his story you should google him, he and his partner had an amazing connection, the partner had been rescued from drowning by a German Shepherd when he had been a baby, it is an incredible story. Anyway, I think I think it would be a nice tribute to name my puppy after such a hero...


-----Original Message-----

Subject: Re: ARRIVAL MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016 AA 2277 ARV LAX 6:14 PM AIRWAYBILL # 4862 0891

This is the most wonderful puppy ever! He has the best personality, happy, so enthusiastic and eager. What has it been, two weeks since he arrived? He has grown SO much, his ears are very firmly up, he is housebroken, he sits for treats, he is the easiest, best dog I have ever seen. He is with me constantly, in his crate in public until he finishes shots, and he maintains his elegant posture and class wherever we go, whatever we do. I am completely and totally in love! He is amazingly tuned into me for a little puppy, he looks right into my eyes so intelligently and this week anyway, it will change, but right now he comes running as fast as he can when we call him.

We start puppy school in July, he has met his teacher who was blown away by him!

He is much too beautiful for the name Bruno. I have decided to call him Pax.

Thank you so, so much. He is just wonderful. If you want his name to start with a specific letter let me know and we can work Pax into the name somehow.

A message from Ma Consolacion Arreglado <chona.arreglado@gmail.com> dated May 22, 2016
Subject: Fero - son of Nero and Yasmin

Hi Bill,

We went to the Expo Dog show in Dallas yesterday and a lot of dog lovers took notice of Fero and gave a glance at him with a smile. Some would pet him and made comments saying, he is a gorgeous dog. Of course, I felt a proud parent! We stopped by a boot for pet pictures and would like to share them to you. Fero is now 2 years and 8 months old. Fero is not only a beautiful dog but very loyal and intelligent GSD! Always on the guard!


A message from kirk zeigler <kirkrzeigler@gmail.com> dated May 8, 2016
Subject: My best buddy, Wahr

Bill & Evy,

Great to hear you guys. In my humble opinion you are what is swell about America. Happy Mutter Tag!


A message from Anna Kenyon <akenyon1967@gmail.com> dated May 6, 2016
Subject: Re: Duke (son of -- World Vize Sieger VA2 Quenn vom Löher-Weg)

Dear Mr. Fleischer,

I went on line and it appears that Mr. Aljishi never registered Duke on the AKC. Thank you so much. This makes it easier for us. I can tell you that Duke is a very unique dog, compassionate, and he would give his life for me. I'm a chronic pain patient and suffer many flares and Duke is able to predict when these are coming. Many people ask if he is a service dog since they see the bond that we have. That's one of the reasons why Mr. Aljishi decided that at our home Duke was loved and cared for.

Anna Kenyon
A message from Constantine Gurlakis <gurlakis@icloud.com> dated May 4, 2016
Subject: Update on Dallas

Hi Bill/Evy,

Below is a photo of our pup Dallas. He is really smart and we are really pleased with him, even when he is bratty. Our adult male has taken to him very nicely. He's been completely housebroken, and his ears are starting to stand, especially that right one! He is going to obedience school, in fact he's learned so much, so quickly that the trainer is putting him in "one on one classes" since he is far more accelerated than the other pups.

Warm regards,

(New York)

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A message from Cindy White <murphyslaw9903@me.com> dated May 1, 2016
Subject: Gus at 6 months

Hi it's Cindy White, we welcomed Gus to our family in palm beach gardens, December 19th 2015 (Tammy, Nero 10/15 litter) wanted to send you a pic of Gus at 6 months- he is a gentle giant, calm and kind. We have done basic puppy class and AKC k-9 good citizen classes ( has to take the "test" yet-no worries) he is smothered with love and learns more each day- what a great mind and personality!
Thanks again!
Cindy White

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A message from Jaymee Harding <jaymeeharding@me.com> dated April 25, 2016
Subject: Dekan

Hi Bill

Dekan (son of Wladimir & Enna born 4.6.13) did his 1st agility trial yesterday. Out of 6 runs he got 6 - 1st place ribbons and 5 Q1's out of 6. He ran like a race horse (almost faster or just as fast as some of the Border Collies). I could barely get the leash off of him before he would start running. He has been a good sweet dog (a big baby). He goes just about everywhere with us or me. He loves his agility training which we do 3-4 times a week.

Jaymee, Chip & Dekan

A message from Ronald Pickett <SIA@mtaonline.net> dated March 30, 2016
Subject: Re: Jewels

Jewels turned one yesterday so we took some pics. Here’s one of the two young ladies; Natalie Rose & Jewels.


A message from Michael Wimmer <tnamichaelwimmer7@gmail.com> dated March 20, 2016

Hi Bill and Evy our dog Nero is amazing he is the best dog we could ever have and we thank you he truly made an impact in our lives for my family and I you are the best German Shepherd dog breeder in the world you have the best dogs and have amazing puppies and everyone who sees my dog says they can't believe how beautiful he looks and how smart he is so we thank you.

A message from Jackie Mazzucco <jghm@aol.com> dated Mon, Mar 14, 2016
Subject: Happy Customer

Hello we had a male shepherd from you in 2004 and he was the best dog ever! I would stand by our choice to purchase our dog from you. He died recently and was the smartest, well tempered dog ever!
If you ever need a review please feel free to contact me-Jackie Mazzucco jghm@aol.com Cell 7325476762
A message from Corinne Cort <corinnecort@icloud.com> dated January 28, 2016

Dear Bill and Evy,

A short message to let you know that Shoshone is doing great, since December 28 she's more than doubled her weight. She is a fierce puppy and she is not intimidated by our two year old Chief!

Thanks for this great puppy!

Corinne, Gary and Chance

A message from Corinne Cort <corinnecort@icloud.com> dated January 1, 2016
Subject: Shoshone

Dear Bill and Evy,

Thank you again for delivering Shoshone to us before the end of the year!
She is perfect, curious, very active, sweet and she already let us know when she needs to go outside! A very smart puppy girl!
She is doing well with our two year old GSD Chief. As you can see she prefers our company to her kennel which is fine with us.

Happy New Year!

The Cort Family

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A message from Mike Parodi <lamorindabuilders@comcast.net> dated December 31, 2015
Subject: My Girls With the New Puppy

Evy and Bill
Here is a picture of my girls with the new puppy, they were extremely excited. Now the debate has started on what to name her. Once again Thank You, and I hope you have a Happy New Year.

Thanks, Mike
(925) 766-2371
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A message from Kitty Beder <kbeder@susd.org> dated December 20, 2015
Subject: New Home

Hi Bill
Sam arrived safe and sound, and she has already made herself quite at home. She's a perfect addition to our family.
Happy Holidays
A message from Matthew J Whiteman <mattwhiteman@smlgrp.com> dated Dec 19, 2015
Subject: Re: Guarantee & Sale Agreement Nero-Tammie Exceptional Female

Hello Bill and Evy,

Just FYI she made it safe and sound-
Thank you very much once again!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the Best,
Matt and a happy Family
A message from Steven Brod <sb@crystalusa.com> dated December 1, 2015
Subject: Captain and Charlie

Captain is now 1.5 years he is starting to fill out. He is an amazing addition to our family. Smart, Strong, and Gentle... Thank you!

A message from Carol Seiler dated November 30, 2015

A message from Chris and Melissa Johanson <mch2ofalls@aol.com> dated November 18, 2015

Good evening Bill,

My name is Melissa Johanson. I am Christopher Johanson's wife, from Glastonbury CT. I know Charles, Christopher's brother worked for you in Glastonbury many moons ago. We recently lost our shepherd that was one of yours. A female, named Lexa, that Charles had given to us in 2000. I can't even begin to tell you about her, you wouldn't have enough time. I am looking to surprise my husband with another shepherd and I have yet to see a better looking one out there. I just saw a posting on Facebook that there was a two year old looking for a home, Imax. I honestly am not looking for a show dog. I am looking for a family member. We have four active, vibrate children that are looking for responsibility and a friend. Can you please tell me where Imax is located and how much he would be? If Imax wouldn't be a fit for our family, do you have one that would?

I appreciate your time. Thank you,

Melissa Johanson
A message from Shauna Knoth <shaunaknoth@yahoo.com> dated November 18, 2015
Subject: Tex Knoth

He hates having his picture taken. He's getting old :( he can no longer jump up on my bed to cuddle so he snuggles on the couch with me. :) love him to pieces.

New Jersey

A message From: Stephen Brod (November 14, 2015)

A message from gary cort <cortclan@me.com> dated November 6, 2015

Hi Bill —

Thanks for talking with Corinne and me earlier this morning. As I explained, we have been so pleased with the male puppy (Fearless Apache Chief) that you provided us a few years ago, and we would now like to arrange for a female puppy to replace our older GSD that died a few weeks ago.

Below is a recent picture of Chief with our daughter at a chess tournament.

Very best regards,

—Gary and Corinne Cort


A message from Rob <rworrall@lastcallopco.com> dated November 4, 2015

Hey Bill!
I've been reading all of the recent posts on Facebook from some of
your lucky dog owners and I thought I'd let you know what my boy did last
I was taking Dez on a walk around the neighborhood last night at about
7, which is now very dark. I stopped to answer a phone call and was unaware of
my surroundings, when a man walked right up on me with no warning. Without
hesitation Dez jumped in between us and gave him a warning bark to back away.
And boy did he. While he probably was just out on a walk as well, it is still a
credit to your breeding that such a sweet loving beautiful dog knew that I was
vulnerable and took action. He has never had any kind of training to do this,
his love for his family was enough. Thank you for my boy, I hope to get him a
buddy from you soon!
Rob Worrall
65005 - College Station, TX

Dez vom Fleischerheim

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A message from Mark <chaosdog1@verizon.net> dated November 4, 2015
Subject: Your dogs

Hey Bill,
My wife was on your site and saw an other beautiful animal you put
out with a very happy customer.
It made me want to send you an updated pic of
our beauty "Noah". ( a Ken and Hannah pup).  We are so so happy with him!

Mark and Joanna from Mass.

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A message from Rusty Olson <rolson@fieldsauto.com> dated November 2, 2015


Thanks so much, we’ll look forward to receiving them. We are over the moon with “Jaxson”. He has a wonderful temperament, and has been the perfect gentleman. Even our veterinarian is impressed with him, and that’s some endorsement. He’s adjusting to life with our older Shepherd Lucie who is probably about 10,( we rescued her several years ago), and she him. We will definitely be in touch down the road when we lose her, (hopefully not soon), as our pup is everything we had hoped for. Thanks Bill.

A message from Oficina Miami Avivamiento <oficinamiami@avivamiento.com> dated October 31, 2015
Subject: Voltan 1st win

Dear Bill: Thank you so much!

Ricardo Rodríguez


A message from Aaron Vixie <aaronrvixie@yahoo.com> dated October 25, 2015
Subject: Watch "Otto" on YouTube

Dear Bill,

I've been meaning to share this video with you. We bought Otto from you back in Feb. 2007. We had an amazing time with him while he was in our life. We lost him unfortunately due to an infection. We sure miss him. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Aaron and Emily Vixie


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A message from Art <fury1953@aol.com> dated October 25, 2015
Subject: Emma. (Ben/Kora 3/15/15)

Emma is growing, as you predicted. She's just under 50lbs.
She is a wonderful dog and we love her.

Art Vogel


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A message from pixiemittensbeans <pixiemittensbeans@yahoo.com> dated October 28, 2015
Subject: Helga

Getting along fine. She gets the best food, plenty of exercise and has much more muscle than when she arrived.

Vet said her coat was fabulous and she is in perfect health.

Thanks, Happy Holidays,


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A message from Bob Davis <bdavisblue13@hotmail.com> dated October 24, 2015
Subject: Halloween at Pet Smart

Hey Bill,
Here's our boys at a photo shoot in Pet Smart, Richmond Va. Ruger is a crowd pleaser and bomb proof when it comes to noise and distractions.
Bob and Diane
A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated October 20, 2015
Subject: Sarkis

Hi Bill and Evy,

Here is Sarkis at 11 mos and 80 lbs! We get so many
compliments on him. His personality is the best. Friendly with dogs, cats,
kids, and adults. His training is improving. He's at the ....lets test this
stage! We love him ! Thank you for him.


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A message from Guy McCord <guymccord@gmail.com> dated October 15, 2015
Subject: Re: Fleischerheim Guarantee & Sale Agreement Demir-Irma Female puppy

Thank You for the dog Bill, great personality. -- Guy
A message from Roger K Garcia <rkgarcia0519@yahoo.com> dated October 10, 2015
Subject: Thank you
Hello Bill

Our puppy arrived and we couldn't be happier she is beautiful

Roger K Garcia
New Mexico
A message from Ronald Pickett <SIA@mtaonline.net> dated October 7, 2015
Subject: Re: Jewels

Hello -

We received the registration paperwork and sent it in today. Thank you again for that.

We’re still absolutely thrilled with Jewels and everyone that meets her is impressed, with many complimenting what an outstanding puppy she is. If circumstances were different, we would probably get several more, but at least this way we can devote everything to her.

Thanks again,

A message from sdm6919 <sdm6919@126.com> dated September 30, 2015
Subject: Nero-Sabina Ultimate Supreme Male

Dear Bill

The puppy is perfect , thank you , puppy named Hunter , our family is very happpy for new family number .

New York
A message from DukeysMom <DukeysMom@aol.com> dated September 21, 2015
Subject: Dallas....aka Sassi vom Fleisherheim

Hi Bill....

Just thought I would send you this pix of Dallas at DayCamp....this was taken on her birthday.....one year old....

She is AMAZING!!!!! Still has lots of "attitude", and definitely knows what she wants.....:-)))).....we are "working on" her not barking at other dogs.....but plays well with them...
75 lbs. now.....I get stopped all the time with people commenting on how beautiful she is!

Jane Davis
A message from Keith Taylor <kdhd44@yahoo.com> dated September 15, 2015
Subject: Re: Delta airlines flight information DL 1171 arriving ATL 5:58 PM

He's a very alert and energetic boy. Thanks man
A message from CAROL JENSEN  Phoenix AZ <deserthillsgsd@msn.com> dated September 14, 2015

Thanks so much for sending our puppy's registration. We received it today.

We sure love him! He definitely had a good start at your house! He's very loving and ball crazy!

Carol Jensen
A message from <alehr034@aol.com> dated September 14, 2015
Subject: Luci

Luci in Las Vegas

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A message from Eddy Olandj <eolandj@gmail.com> dated September 10, 2015
Subject: Reeko

Hi Bill,

Reeko is doing great. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years. We have been training him for protection. he is great with our kids and his temperament is awesome. thanks again for a great dog. here is some pictures.


Best Regards,
Eddy from California
A message from mariahranch <mariahranch@wildblue.net> dated September 9, 2015
Subject: Re: GSD female (Nero/Yatze)

Hi Bill,
I wanted to let you know we have named our girl Sascha vom
Fleischerheim (Nero/Yatze puppy) She is doing great! Learned sit and down within a
few days of arrival. And boy does she love to bite her toys!

I have attached
a couple of current pics taken today.



Tani Nelson

A message from Marquita McCain <msns83@yahoo.com> dated September 8, 2015
Subject: Ben-Hanni Female

Good morning this is Marquita Stanley. I purchased the Ben-Hanni young adult female from you a couple of weeks ago.

By the way she is so AWESOME she is great with our 1 yr old. Her temperament is awesome as well. Plus she is protective. THANKS

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A messsage from Ronald Pickett <SIA@mtaonline.net> dated September 4, 2015
Subject: Jewels

Bill & Evy,

We recently went caribou hunting outside Paxson and Jewels truly enjoyed the opportunity to shepherd the hunters! She has really become a member of the family and guards over Natalie every night.

Thank you again,

A message from Kirk Zeigler <kirkrzeigler@gmail.com> dated August 26, 2015
Subject: Friends for life

I first spoke to you, Bill, in 2002 when searching for an Ursus pup.  Fate took me in another direction and I was blessed with Wolfgang for the time he and I shared. When Wolfgang died I contacted you first. Some time later, on a hunch you took a road trip with Evy and brought a 9 month male up to my isolated property in Northern Sonoma County.

Wahrheit is now 2 1/2, and as they say, is part of the woodwork up here. He just loves life so thoroughly as your Shepherds do.

I have provided a natural forest ranch environment for his happiness and he returns the favor in making me so happy and proud of him.

Every morning brings tremendous greeting and joy.

The female you sent is 1 year and 2 months. Kardinal is so smart and fast like a rabbit.

What is remarkable to me is how they intently watch my every move. Any slight sound or movement different from the norm has Wahr on full alert barking and running the fence line. What a team they make as they play and rough house and guard my home and property.

They have so many Sieger Champion blood lines as a result of your breeding program.

You and Evy have a great life doing good stuff and Fleischerheim Shepherds is my recommendation for anyone I will know ever seeking a German Shepherd.

Thanks for Everything and be of good health.

Kirk Zeigler -

A message from Janice Maloney <lawfirm3@me.com> dated August 12, 2015

No inconvenience for two brothers I simply adore! They are simply a delight. Temperaments beyond what I
could have ever asked for.

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A message from mlapcewich <mlapcewich@aol.com> dated August 7, 2015

folks, I have two wonderful dogs with you guys. My latest girl "Lilly" who is just short of three years old weighed in at 90 pounds at the vet. I was surprised. She looks good, runs great. I have raised 8 Shepherds so I am not new at this. Wanted to know if her family is bigger than most?, knowing that is a big girl Father :Ober von Bad-Boll, Mom--Kati vom kleinen Mohr---the puppy's date of birth is 10/2/12 from Texas. Would appreciate any feedback. Mike

Mike Lapcewich
A message from j.e. Graham <tbarhranch@gmail.com> dated July 31, 2015
Subject: Home, safe and very happy.

Beauty is wonderful, but temperament is everything.
He's just perfect.

Xllent vom Fleischerheim.

Look forward to getting the AKC reg application.
Thanks again for another incredible dog!!
He is settling in wonderfully.

P.S. already have many "ouu"s and "ahh's" on my Facebook page. And a friend who is on a SAR team, has a 7 yo Vegas son, has just asked to be put on my wait list for a Zoee x Xllent pup next year.
A message from Donald Wybourn donwy2580@yahoo.com dated July 28, 2015
Subject: Abbey at 6 months old

Bill I wanted to show you the latest picture of Abbey she is doing excellent she loves the water she likes to go fishing and loves my granddaughter I couldn't have asked for a better best friend she is awesome


Don Wybourn

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A message from <alehr034@aol.com> dated July 26, 2015
Subject: Luci

Kicking back Huntington Beach ca.

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A message from Bob Davis <bdavisblue13@hotmail.com> dated June 15, 2015
Subject: Ruger's Vet Check

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to let you know Ruger's check-up went well. Dr. Taylor was very impressed with how healthy and behaved he was. He goes back in three weeks for another visit. We will micro-chip him when he is a little bigger. He is settling in just fine and he getting along well with our other shepherd, Sampson. Bob and I will keep you updated on his progress and send you pictures as we take them. Thank-You again for our newest pack member.

Bob and Diane
A message from Ken Krefetz <tenkk@aol.com> dated June 13, 2015


Hope all is well. Remo is a happy and healthy pup, enjoying the SoCal
lifestyle. Pic taken last week.



A message from CAROL JENSEN Desert Hills German Shepherds Phoenix AZ <deserthillsgsd@msn.com> dated June 3, 2015
Subject: Thank you!

We received our male puppy last night. He's perfect! Love his color and personality.

Looking forward to receiving his paperwork.

Thanks again!

Carol Jensen

A message from Ronald Pickett <SIA@mtaonline.net> dated June 5, 2015
Subject: Re: Jewels

Bill & Evy,

We received Jewels as scheduled and needless to say are absolutely delighted. A most beautiful German Shepherd and probably as smart as any before her! Only one problem so far – we didn’t puppy proof the home as well as we thought Open-mouthed smile

Thank you again very much. Attached is a pic of Natalie and Jewels for your file.

Best regards,


A message from DukeysMom <DukeysMom@aol.com> dated June 4, 2015
Subject: Re: Dallas

BTW....she is an AMAZING dog!!!! Out of the 9 shepherds I have had....she is the friendliest...and the SMARTEST! Very pleased with her!
A message from Ripon Dad <ripondad21@yahoo.com> dated June 3, 2015

Got her home, great looking pup!

Thanks for making this such an easy process, it was a great experience for us.

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
A message from DukeysMom <DukeysMom@aol.com> dated June 2, 2015
Subject: Re: Dallas

She is currently getting Hills Science Diet for large breed puppies....give her 1 1/2 cup in the a.m. with about 2 Tbls of their canned for flavor...same thing at night....takes a
little snack to day care when she goes of a few cookies...then a little peanut butter in a bone when she goes into her crate at night.....she runs a LOT...definitely is not a sedentary dog - especially at day camp! She is SOLID!!!!!


A message from Francisco Fierro Sanchez <francisco.fierro@email.com> dated May 31, 2015
Subject: Best food for VA1 Yasko Daughter

Dear Bill:


A lot of year ago I receive from you a lovely female Pretty Von der Grenzmark, Yasko's daughter.

She is eating Royal Canin for German Shepherd and with all this comments about the most suitable dog's food and organic, grain free, etc I prefer and wish to ask you about your recommendation.

PLEASE let me know which could be your best recommendation about the food that Pretty can eat.

Thanks a lot for you advice and thanks for let me be a very proud and happy father of a fabulous german shepherd daughter.

Have a nice week!

Best regards,

A message from Anna Grant <agrant@pfsweb.com> dated May 22, 2015
Subject: Our Jake

Two weeks ago, we brought this guy home. We're loving him very much!!

A message from Sheila Fangman <heritage.csp@gmail.com> dated May 14, 2015
Subject: ZAK vom Fleischerheim

Zak made it here in great shape. Totally unfazed! Played with some furry toys totally checked out the house but not the basement wanted no part of the stairs. Did not eat hardly anything but is now asleep on my kitchen floor cool hardwood. He is great-- seems to be SO comfortable here almost like he was raised here?!? Love him, will keep in touch

Sheila & Zak
A message from Sheila Fangman <heritage.csp@gmail.com> dated May 14, 2015
Subject: ZAK vom Fleischerheim

This dog is amazing! SO calm and acts like he belongs here, kinda like he's been here before-- can't explain it. Think he was meant to be here? Was afraid due to his age bringing him in the house would be all kinds of issues. He is so at home and well behaved. So different from my other shepard. YOU did an awesome job-- tomorrow he will meet the peis & my horses. We will kinda just hang together plant flowers etc not sure he will be into that! Think I'm in LOVE!

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated May 1, 2015

Luci first boat ride, on way to Capt. Cook aboard the Body Glove out of Kona. As
always a Trooper.

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated May 1, 2015

Lava pool filling

Sent from my iPhone
A message from Chad Tolhurst <k9kamp101@gmail.com> dated April 23, 2015
Subject: Re: NEW AIRWAYBILL # 3950

We got him and he is amazing!! Thank you so much again!!

Chad Tolhurst
K-9 Kamp Dog Daycare
East Syracuse
A message from Leslie <leslieober@yahoo.com> dated April 16, 2015
Subject: Rikka

I meant to attach a picture of her & forgot
For being the runt we think she turned out awesome
Thank you again for allowing us to buy such a wonderful girl
Feel free to share our info

Leslie & Bob Ober

Sent from my iPhone
A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated April 14, 2015
Subject:  Sarkis and Axel
Oh my he's absolutely a gorgeous dog! I love that Victor high pro food also. His coat is just so shiny and pretty. He's really a happy pup, and I couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Sent from my iPad
A message from ESI Louisiana <bill@esilouisianallc.com> dated April 2, 2015

I received your info today concerning AKC registration and completed it. I will mail all of the completed info tomorrow. Thanks a bunch. LADY is great, learned to walk on leash, sit, stay, come, shake hands, high five, and down. She is so smart and picks up training quickly. The trainer said he could probably teach her to do almost anything a puppy could be taught. She goes with me to Bass Pro Shop, Pet Smart, and loves to ride in my Jeep. She is a great puppy and companion. We are really pleased.

Thanks for everything and if you would like to use me as a reference feel free to do so.

Have a great Easter weekend.

Bill Chapman
Educational Services LLC
12056 Justice Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70819
Office: 225-262-0033
Fax: 225-295-8229
A message from Mike Richmond <mikesduc@yahoo.com> dated March 29, 2015

Hi Bill, I thought you would like this picture. To say I'm impressed is a huge
His temperament is just as outstanding as his looks. Many
thanks, Mike

A message from Barbara Samuelsz  <errolnbarb@yahoo.com> dated March 28, 2015

Dear Evy and Bill,

First, I want you to know how wonderful Jaegar is and how much we love him and is absolutely everything we could have hoped for. He is so precious. He has not been without a human since we got him (we are working around our schedules and having an occasional babysitter for him) because our Rottie doesn't know how strong she is and we want to wait until Jaegar is bigger before we leave him alone with her. A couple of days ago we were at a car dealer (Errol's work van engine blew up so we were looking for another van) and we had Jaegar with us. When we were getting ready to leave, one of the employees there saw Jaegar and rushed over and said he is exactly what he wants to buy. We told him he would have to get him from Texas and he looked shocked and said "Fleischerheim?"-it was our turn to look shocked! I said "Yes" and he said "you bought him from Bill?" We said "yes" and he proceeded to tell us that he knew all about your dogs and even named the price of Jaegar and his brother without us saying anything!! He couldn't believe he was seeing one of the very dogs he was going to buy in the future. He completely fell in love with Jaegar as everyone who meets him does. It was such an amazing thing to happen!! Attached photo of Jaegar today.

Thank you and thank you for such a precious companion! Barbara Samuelsz

A message from GA722 <GA722@aol.com> dated March 21, 2015

Good Evening Bill,

We bought a Ben/Yatze male on 1-31-15. He is doing great and is very sweet boy!!! Star of his puppy class and love him VERY MUCH!! Thank you so much for our boy we now call Gunner!

Gail Madison
Barbara Hobbs
A message from Judi Macheka <judimacheka@yahoo.com> dated March 14, 2015

Thank you for Shumba

Shumba's 1 year old pic.

Judi Macheka

A message from Jorge L. Valdes <jorge@valdesfla.com> dated March 13, 2015
Subject: HAPPY DOG

Hi Bill
I pray you are well. As you can see MAVERIC has become a beautiful dog.
He has grown a lot and loves to play catch. We love him so much, Thx.

Well take Care OF yourself NY Friend

God bless YOU

A message from Mary Harman <madmair01@yahoo.com> dated March 13, 2015

Good morning Evy,

Had her to the Vet everything looks great. I think this brings our business to a happy ending.

I'll be sure to tell everyone who asks where we got her. And she soooo cute they will ask.


A message from bessie b <bessiebernstein@hotmail.com> dated March 9, 2015


It has been many years since I have wrote, but I wanted to share some
photos. I have Keno, after I got him, I changed him name to Gino. He is the best
dog, and I received endless compliments on his personality, demeanor and looks.

Thanks, he is the best dog that I could have asked for. I hope that in a few
years, I can get another dog from you.


A message from Carilynn Harter <charter0810@yahoo.com> dated March 7, 2015

Hello Bill & Evy, I hope the rest of your week went well!

James & I would like to sincerely thank you again for giving us the opportunity to purchase one of your AMAZING German Shepherd pups! Going to your Texas Kennel was such a great experience for us. Being able to meet so many of your elite dogs & hearing all of them bark, was like "music" to our ears - haha! We are so in love with this little stinker girl already; she's a perfect fit for our little family.

We officially gave her the name: LILY CALLIOPE (we gave her that middle name since she was from a "C" litter).

We will keep in touch from time to time, as Lily grows. And should either of us ever travel to the Dallas area again, we'll definitely let you know, so that we can pay a little visit to your German Shepherd Abyss - hehe! =}

I've attached a few pictures of Lily looking cute as ever. Well, I hope this message & pictures find you both well & that you have a great weekend!! Be well, happy, healthy & successful in all you both do.

Sincerely & take good care,

~Carilynn & James

A message from Arthur Lehr <alehr034@me.com> dated February 23, 2015

Again, so happy with Luci..... she has been so good for me

Sent from my iPhone
A message from Rachael Symeon <rsymeon@me.com> dated February 13, 2015

Hello Bill, Just wanted to send you a picture of Ella Rose on our hike in the
winter wonderland. She loves the snow.
Ella Rose
A message from Arleen Annaian <bigs12@aol.com> dated February 7, 2015

Hi Bill and Evy,

Here is our Sarkis at 13 weeks. He's growing like a weed. He is
totally housebroken, and will be starting with the trainer in a week. You do
such an amazing job with breeding the best German shepherds, and I thank you for
all your help. Axel is 2 1/2 years and absolutely gorgeous as you can see. Axel
is Quinny and Ken pup and Sarkis is Nero and Bianca (also a Ken). Will send
video of all 3, as Cali (14 years) is still enjoying be part of the group too.
Thank you again!!

Ben-Zandra Pups

A message from Maria Camello <Maria@AM1Stars.com> dated February 7, 2015

Dear Mr. Fleischer,
February 14th, 2003 produced a litter of pups from what I believe to be Sergio Von Bad Boll's litter. At the time, my Shepard was aging and I was looking to purchase a new pup, a pick of the litter male. When he arrived at LAX, I couldn't believe this beautiful animal was mine. I named him Sergeant. After almost 12 of the happiest years of my life, in two short weeks after diagnosis of a mass on his liver, he passed away on Monday, February 2nd. His death has left a huge darkness around my home for both my 88 year old Mother and I. He was my shadow, he was my Mother 's companion during the day. We both miss him terribly. I spoke with Evie briefly on Tuesday, and I mentioned to her that I was so very happy to have found you again, and that I want to purchase another pick of the litter male. You handled it all for me, and I trust you will help me again this time, especially since I cannot travel to you.Due to my financial situation this month, I am hoping to purchase from a litter that will be available in late March. When I purchased Sergeant, I knew nothing about you. I have enjoyed reading your history, and I can speak from firsthand experience that you breed absolutely wonderful dogs. Sergeant brought us so much love, and although we don't have him anymore, I look forward to opening my arms and holding one of your so very special pups once again. Please email me or call me if you can share any information about the puppies that you will have in March.

Maria Camello
Sent from my iPad

A message from camjan1 <camjan1@mchsi.com> dated January 24, 2015

Hi Bill,

The 9 hour trip home was smooth as silk. The Boys are home and very surprisingly are acting like they are home! And whining when they have to go to the bathroom... already!!
Even the cats are tolerating them!


Cam and Jan Lupkey

Ben-Zandra Pups

A message from Judi Macheka <judimacheka@yahoo.com> dated January 24, 2015

LOL!!! He was 70 lbs at his visit. An obedience school classmate got her dog from a breeder near you. But she just LOVES Shumba.

I can't thank you enough.

I would certainly call on you again if I ever needed another pup.

Judi Macheka


A Message from Steve Sussholz <steve1@sasarch.com> petescort15 <petescort15@gmail.com> dated January 22, 2015

Just want to drop you a line and tell you how things are going. Beau is a great dog. He assimilated into our home 5 minutes after he walked thru the door. He is well behaved and seems to like everyone, especially my grandchildren. He does his thing in our dog run and loves to walk and run in my backyard. Too bad it has been below freezing recently which has hampered my ability to test and work on his training outdoors.

He has the run of our home and loves to sit near or on us when ever he can. He has had a good appetite from day one and has gained a little weight.

He has a great calm disposition.

Steven Sussholz AIA
A message from Tod Graves <todgraves36@gmail.com> dated January 17, 2015

Bill she's doing great . she's having the time of her life in the snow. She's one happy dog.

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